Temperature Sensor not following in Alexa

I have two zigbee temperature sensors which I just swapped batteries on. When I look at the devices in the HE devices section, they are updating and working perfectly. However, via the HE Alexa skill they are both now reporting 74.6F all the time when using the voice command. I tried removing them from the Alexa skill and adding them again and they still both report 74.6F when using the voice command. I even tried deleting the devices from the Alexa app, removing them from the Alexa Smart app and then adding them back to the Alexa Smart app. Still, both devices report 74.6F. They are displaying updated temperatures in the devices section of the HE app and also on the dashboards where they are used. Only Alexa voice commands result in the perpetual 74.6F response for both devices. Gosh, this is a first for me. I have configured this a zillion times and never had this sort of a problem. Any ideas?