Temp + humidity sensor for outdoor use?


I have a zwave thermometer that also reports humidity. I kept it in my garage fridge but to be blunt it was never that great. It went through batteries very fast and wasn't that reliable.

I want to replace this with something reliable. This will be placed in a covered area on my patio maybe 6 get from the hub. I'm in NorCal so it rarely get into the 30s in winter but it can get to 100-105 in the summer.

Any recommendations for something reliable?

Iā€™d look into the ecowitt sensors.

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I have an Aeotec Multisensor 6 and Trisensor. The multisensor can provide humidity, while the Trisensor does not. I installed the Trisensor outside on my front porch (covered, so not exposed to direct sunlight or rain) for over a year now with minimal drain on the battery. I would suspect similar results from the multisensor. I live in eastern Maryland, so harsher winters than NorCal.

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I also use the Aeotec Multi 6. on my porch. I prefer using it with the USB power since you get more frequent readings (and I have an outlet on my porch). I use the LUX readings from it for a lot of lighting rules.

I'd suggest a nodemcu and konnected flash. Perfect?

Sonoff th10 with tasmota and a temp/humidity sensor. Nice with no batteries to change.

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Sonoff Th10 and you can get a 5m extension for the sensor, YMMV

I use an Iris IL07 motion sensor under the eaves, I see it can be had for about $13 on ebay.

I use an Aqara temp/humdity sensor outdoors and it works fine, although if you have power out there and don't want to worry about batteries you could build an inexpensive Wemos D1 mini with BME280 sensor and just install Tasmota/Hubitat (drivers here). I actually use this sensor in my garage and it works great.

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Great advice! I think I'll go with the aeotec sensor, I have a wall outlet close by and I could use motion as well.

Thanks so much!

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