Telus Home Security integration (Canada)

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I am beginning planning out what devices I want in a new home in designing to start building next year and I was wondering if Hubitat supports the Telus Home Security system. I am from Canada and this will likely be the system I'll use. Or are there other systems that offer professional monitoring that integrate well with Hubitat

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I highly doubt it since Telus security is former ADT and I haven't seen anything here for ADT and Hubitat. There is an ADT and Smartthings integration but I am not sure if it's the same hardware from Telus.

If you have a Qolsys/Gig Panel, you could add some z-wave devices. This is the compatibility list:

I don't think Hubitat will "support" Telus Security and obviously Telus doesn't provide any help for their compatible devices.

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I've had the unfortunate circumstance of going in to some clients who have had the Telus system. It looks cool, appears to work well, but in reality is not very robust. Sensors with batteries worn out, no network connections, etc.

Do yourself a favor and put in a do-it-yourself security system (e.g. DSC, Vista, etc. - with the Envisalink board for monitoring and interface to Hubitat). Or, if you really want something comprehensive use Ring (with interfaces to Hubitat, of course).

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Have you had any experience with Ring? I would like it to be professionally monitored and not just self-monitored

I've just helped to put in a standard alarm system, based on DSC alarm panel. It has an Envisalink board which is used in monitoring. As well, envisalink board is used to interface with Hubitat.

I have no familiarity with ring products, but I know from various threads here that those ring devices have an interface with Hubitat.

Prior to you mentioning Envisalink I hadn't heard of it. How hard is it to setup? I looked a little into it just now and it looks pretty good. I might lean more that way since I would prefer a wired security system over wireless and with DSC I'll be able to do that.

In my personal opinion, I suggest getting a pro (someone with LOTS of experience) to set up the system. It can be very difficult to get right. However, let them know that you want to get it monitored through Envisalink - should be less than $10Can per month (a lot less).

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I'm in BC, Canada region would you know of any examples of people/companies that would do that do that sort of thing?

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My elderly parents are on Ring and they live in the lower mainland BC. By far the easiest system to setup and use for my parents. I use it to check on them as well. Bestbuy usually have them on sale. They had Brinks before and what a terrible system it was but they didn't want to change to another system until a power surge took it out.

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In fact, I have a monitored Vista system with ADT (aka Telus now) for 18 CAD/month. Connected to a cellular network and a 365 days sim (speakout7eleven) with an extension box (but considered as a landline connection, so the price). It's a wired system, but very reliable. Added a Nutech unit for some connectivity.

You could add the konnected system to merge this system with Hubitat:

I linked some Vista sensors to Hubitat through the add-in Honeywell relay system (4204) and a Zooz multi-relays unit. A little bit special but it works as expected...

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I have used Konnected and Envisalink.

I have found that while both are reputable products:
a) Konnected has a better interface with Hubitat (Envisalink interface was built by someone who has left Hubitat)
b) Envisalink seems to have a better interface with DSC type alarm systems than Konnected (because it seems to be better supported by DSC)