Tekmar 561 model wifi thermostat integration?

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I have a Tekmar thermostat for a glycol heated floor. There is wifi. Is it possible to control it through Hubitat?
I am attaching a picture of the inside of the thermostat.
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I don't see any APIs already defined for this, but do see that some of their thermostats are compatible with Alexa/Google Home. If this is one of them you may be able to use a virtual thermostat and control it through Alexa/Google.

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I see you mentioned that there is a way to make a virtual thermostat that would then "push" info to the alexa device. Can you point me in the right direction to read info on that? I have this exact thermostat in 6 rooms of a home that I wanted to automate.

The short version is that you create a virtual thermostat in HE and expose it through the Echo Skill to Alexa. Then create Alexa routines to mimic the actions of the virtual thermostat (mode changes and fan changes) as well as routines to mimic Alexa changes back to the virtual.

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Watts skill not working, cannot find devices according to reviews in Amazon. I installed the skill but it does not appear in my list on the Alexa app.
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I contacted the Watts company which manufactures the Tekmar thermostat. At the moment, no integration on any platform is planned. So I'm going to replace this thermostat with Sinope.