Techive Hubitat review


I pretty much agree with everything in the article, but some of those points are not necessarily bad. For example, I agree with the author in that the platform is geared towards the technically inclined, but that observation is also where the author loses some credibility. Hubitat isn't meant for the average consumer, at least not yet. If it were going after the SmartThings userbase then the author would definately have a point.

The tin foil hat remark, while cute also underscores another area where the author appears to not quite get it. It's not just about privacy or fear of big companies, as the comment seeminly implies, it is a matter of personal preference and overall architecture preferences, and how much you want to work when the cloud or internet fails.

Aside from those areas, I thing the article was pretty accurate.


Gen2 Hubitat

  1. The new hub has Zigbee and Z-Wave radios built-in.
  2. The new hub has a smaller form factor.
  3. Hubitat is manufacturing the new hardware.

GEN2 is a Q1 of 2019 and Pricing is TBD
Hubitat expects to have an announcement regarding a mobile app around that same time.




If the next gen has internal zwave, how are they dealing with UK/EU zwave frequency?

Also, unless there is more built in Zwave diagnostics and tools, I'm not sure internal zwave is an advantage. I had to take my USB stick out and connect it to my PC to get rid of ghost nodes. If that hadn't have been possible, my zwave network would have stayed screwed forever.


That is my thought as well. I think having external was an advantage in some ways. If I had it to do over again I thnk I would have used a Zstick as my zwave, and the nortek as my zigbee...

We'll see, I guess.


SmartThings, Wink, StaplesConnect, none have removable radios.

I think it puts pressure on Hubitat to build the tools to manage the ZWave db on the stick. @Cobra already been mentioned there would be a way to migrate to the new hardware. The photos show plenty of room to the left or right of the Network cable for a USB stick. That implies 'Transfer Primary Role' will be incorporated. That then implies a few of the tools for managing the DB ('is failed', "remove failed', and oh wouldn't it be a treat to have 'replace failed')


What about zigbee? Does zigbee have controller shift?


When I read the author's name, I stopped reading. He's a hack.


You don't need it. All the ZigBee information is stored in Hubitat's database, with (unlike Z-Wave) nothing on the stick itself. That should be quite easy to move to a new hub, even with the tools currently available.

(EDIT: See Cobra's clarification below.)


Did I?


Unfortunately, this is not strictly true.
Zigbee devices use the zigbee sticks ID to know what to talk to.

Almost like MAC address filtering on your router.

If you zigbee stick fails, you would need to rejoin everything to a new one.


Good to know! I guess I never consider that since I've always re-used the same stick, no matter how many times I blew away my Home Assistant setup in testing (same stick as Hubitat) and was always just able to use a ZigBee database restore to save me from myself. :slight_smile:


I'm really trying to not give too much away as I feel that would be a breach of the NDA I have signed
However; One thing that I will say.

When the new Hubs come up for sale (Don't ask me when because I don't know)
I see no reason to change mine. (except the new one's prettier) :slight_smile:

Bear in Mind that Bruce has already said that the current spec (mem, cpu etc) is not in the least 'stretched' unless there is a loop or something consuming resources

(And yes I have seen it and had a 'play')


Hubitat Elevation Gen 2

That's my interpretation, yes. Moving the Hub's DB without also moving the ZWave Db is not going to get far... or be pleasant. :smiley:


Now if it was based on the new Z-Wave 700 chipset they wouldn't have to ... but that's too new I think.


I was answering a specific question about rules and apps



I have a photo if anyone is eager to see the hub?




I just took this one...

Here you go.. :slight_smile: :rofl::joy::hot_face:


Photo is too dark. :slight_smile: