Techive Hubitat review



I'm not very good at photography! :slight_smile:


You can see my xbee on the left though :slight_smile:


That pic is fake news...obviously doctored.
Here's a real pic of mine. Better lighting so you know it's the real deal.


Stick with your day jobs. :smiley:

Your photo skills are... funny :slight_smile:


But mine shows today's date on the 'Daily Mail' website


I am not being argumentative :slight_smile: I just think "backup" and it means the Hub's DB with device IDs, names, states, and another hundred columns of goodness, including apps and Rules. All for naught if the ZWave DB on the USB is empty. :smiley:


I honestly didn't think you were.

Not quite...

How long would it take to recreate all your apps & rules?



All that tells me is that you doctored the photo today. Like I said...fake news.


How long will it take to get my Lock to Join securely? :slight_smile: The last time I reset everything and started from factory fresh was back in May... long time ago, in computer years. :slight_smile: I took pics of all the screens, and all the rules, so I knew which Apps I had and what I called things, plus of course, all the Rules.

In truth, it did take me longer to Exclude/Include all the ZWave devices (a smaller number then than now) than it took to recreate all the Apps and Rules. Clicky is pretty fast when you're just copying a pic. :smiley:


It is more aptly named the Daily Fail here :grinning:


Cobra's photography skills? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I brightened Cobra's just a tad. :sunglasses:


Ooooh.... it's got rounded corners - gotta upgrade

.. maybe it takes the edge off any current issues


Uhhhh ... is that hub held up by a wad of chewing gum? LOL ...


They don't call it edge computing for nothin'


It’s blu tack :slight_smile:


Check ... that's good stuff :+1:


I actually came across this post when I found a Hubitat review and they were talking about a new version of the hub so I came here to look for information on it and found nothing. Since it was already shown off to the media and they are leaking it out you should prob just go ahead and announce it.


New? But I just bought in!!!

Hey, I'm ok using 'archaic' hardware as long as you're not obsoleting the old or forcing some sort of nonfunctional account migration because of the new. I had a ST "v2" hub and the "new" app dance / Samsung login and rigamorale was the proverbial thumbtack holding on the donkey's, wait, wrong analogy.... Straw and camels. Except make it Giant Safe and Wile-e-Coyote instead. I was the jam in the sammich.


Allegedly there's no big difference in the performance.
Some speculation of improved range, but no real official details have come out. That I know of...

It's probably honestly just an effort to make it look more custom made.
Dare I say more professional.

I like function over form though.
It's just hiding in my cellar stairway.