Tasmotized Sonoff S31 Plugs and Tasmota 11.1.0

Through the fantastic work of @garyjmilne, Tasmota is still alive in HE. I had been using Markus’ T4HE as I went with Tasmota integrated to HE via HTTP hooks in order to keep my devices local. Unfortunately, with the departure/banning of Markus and Markus moving on to other endeavors, us Tasmota-philes were left unsupported and stuck on v8.5.1 and the limitations of Markus’ drivers and app (relatively high overhead etc). Anyway, history lesson aside, @garyjmilne stepped in to save the day and now we all have a relatively low load method of integrating native Tasmota 11.1.0 (no HTTP hooks or other alterations) with Hubitat with @garyjmilne’s HE Tasmota drivers (thank you Gary!).

I have been slowly migrating all my old 8.5.1 Tasmota devices and reflashing/updating them to 11.1.0 for use with @garyjmilne’s drivers. Everything has been going as expected with my wall switches/dimmers, however, I utilize a number of Sonoff S31 EM (energy monitoring) smart plugs as well as some Sonoff S31 Lite (non-energy monitoring) plugs. There is a blue led, and a red led on these plugs. Normally, when the plug is plugged into the wall outlet, the blue led lights up indicating the plug is receiving power. When the plug is energized, both the blue and red leds are normally lit. After updating to 11.1.0, now the leds only light up when the plug is turned on. When it is off, both leds are off. I prefer to have the blue led on whenever there is power to the plug as an indicator that the wall outlet is indeed providing power to the smart plug.

Its been so long since I was really into the nuts and bolts of building Tasmota devices that I forgot the Template settings for how to control the leds’ operating characteristics. The template settings have obviously changed since v8.5.1.

Since the Sonoff S31 and S31 Lite were so commonly flashed with Tasmota, I was hoping one of the experienced Tasmota guys in our community could nudge me in the right direction. I converted about two years ago to Tasmotizer for ease of use but really have not used it in two years. I just need to know the template settings for the S31 EM and S31 Lite (or the console commands) so that I can get the blue led to serve as a power indicator (like before in 8.5.1) and the red led to serve as a plug outlet ON indicator. Thanks in advance for any help, and thanks to @garyjmilne for keeping all my Tasmota devices relevant! Thanks again!

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. I have about 25 Tasmota devices and I'm very happy with them. I've had more trouble with Zigbee mesh than I have ever had with WiFi. If the device plugs into mains power I prefer to use Tasmota if possible. For low power sensors Zigbee is of course the better choice.

The command you are looking for is "ledpower 1". This will turn the blue light on when the plug has power. Works on my S31's anyway. This is the kind of thing that Tasmota Custom Command is for.

Hopefully us Tasmota lovers can form an active group on Hubitat and share our knowledge and experience.


Thank you @garyjmilne !

My experience has been the same regarding wifi and zigbee (it all depends on how robust your mesh is on either side so I understand YMMV). I remember being able to do it via the Tasmota Console commands but just forgot the exact command. Nice that it can be done through your driver device commands. Again, great work and thank you for keeping us Tasmoters alive.

Stay away from the Sonoff S31 Zigbee variant. I sold all mine because of the Zigbee instability they caused. Things are much better now. Zigbee Routing with Sonoff S31 Lite appears to be bad

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Good tip. I also got rid of the S31 Zigbees (tried them as I was used to Tasmotized S31’s and I liked the form factor) and went back to WiFi S31’s which I Tasmotized. The few Zigbee plugs that I use are Sengled E1C-NB7. They act as routers and so far they seem OK (although I have very few Zigbee devices at this point hence my desire to update my Tasmota devices).