Tasmota sonoff and alexa

Morning guys.

Got a bit of a query, and I'm sure I'm just missing something small that's stopping my setup working.

So I have 2 sonoff 4ch Pro R2's both have been flashed with tasmota. The 8 smart relays activate a further 8 DPDT relays which are all wired into an 8 way speaker splitter.

I have created my own multiroom smart audio setup (I plan to implement room dependant volume control next)

So from my dashboard I am able to physically turn on and off speaker zones by clicking the relays switch tile which is great. Bit I am at a loss when trying to voice control these switches, I've tried renaming both the child devices and the parent device etc, but I'm just not getting anywhere.

My alexas can control all my fibaro and shelly powered lighting with relative ease, but I'm stumbling on this one.

Can anyone shed any light on how I can get this all working via voice control


If I understand, you want to be able to link Alexa voice commands to turning on of Speaker zones - is that correct?

If you know what switches/relays to turn on, but you can’t get Alexa to do it via a voice command, my recommendation would be to setup an Alexa routine that is activated via a voice command that works, and have the routine turn on/off the required switches/relays.

The issue is more than the sonoff relay doesn't show up in the alexa app.

So creating a routine in alexa won't work as alexa doesn't seem to see the sonoff. Hence I think I've done something wrong in naming or labelling the device perhaps.

Or do you mean, create a routine in hubitat? If so, I've not had any experience doing that yet, will have to so some research.

Ah! That does make it a bit more complicated.

Then a good approach would indeed be to create a rule in Hubiat. You could do this in a couple of steps:

  1. Create a virtual switch which is shared and can be controlled within Alexa.
  2. Create a Rule (Simple Rule - easiest or Rule Machine) that turns on the relay when the virtual switch is on, and then back to off when it is off

Would that help?

Sounds like a decent enough plan.

I'll crack the tablet out tomorrow and attempt it that way.

Cheers man.

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