Tasmota Not Flashing OTA

I bought two tuya smart wifi bulbs from airser on the assumption that I could flash them OTA.


I had this assumption because the bulbs were on this list with a flashed with tuya-convert description:

However, when I used my OTA flashing system (pi 3 running raspbarian, usb mouse and keyboard, HDMI monitor, and 3amp micro-usb power supply), it kept saying sending smartconfig packets and auto retrying (what happens when no device is in EZ mode). However, on the first time it does that, the bulb goes out of ez mode, just like my successful plugs. The nodeMCU in this is running 1.60 firmware. I found this out by adding it to tuya to check if it was a defective bulb, but it paired and worked fully. Should I just wait until there is an update to tuya-convert (which will hopefully work on 1.60), or should I just use my “Alexa as man in the middle integration” where for every automation I will create a simulated alexa switch/contact combo that will trigger an alexa routine when turned on. I would like to avoid soldering and just go with the alexa integration if OTA flashing is not possible. Lastly, just wondering, if I buy smart plugs that did work before, could this happen to them too?

P.S: im not worried about cloud vs local, I just would like a hubitat integration with a less than 1 second delay. Local integration is good, but not nessecary. This is why I am fine with the “Alexa in the middle” integration if this is impossible, but it would be better if tasmota would work.

Also, I know this hubitat forum has nothing to do with tasmota, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it and was thinking that some owners of Hubitat would be tasmota savvy. Please tell me of any other place to post this which is a “tasmota forum” and I will happily post it there.

See the details for that bulb on that link. It's either the new firmware that has the psk errors (see the logs in the folder) or it's not ESP based:

Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device if the manufacturer started using newest Tuya firmware since this template was published. Instead you can likely serial flash Tasmota without soldering with a flashing jig, if the device is easily opened.

See documentation in Tasmota v8.2 or newer. Follow the article instructions for configuration.

New bulbs come with tw-02 chip. Not flashable because it’s not esp based.

If you have a Lowes or Menards near you the Feit color bulbs might be in stock that are Tuya Convert OTA compatible. I've done 10 of them. Open them in store (it's easy to do without damaging the packaging) and see if the bulb has "19-xx-xx" as a code on it. If so, OTA works. If it says 20-xx-xx it does not work OTA.

Good luck

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@rick.guthier I’ll check the logs tommorow ... I’m pretty sure it has a nodemcu because tuya said MCU version. If it is software error, you think a tuya convert update will solve this? Buying new bulbs is not an option for me, and I am patient for a tuya convert update. Do you think an update that solves this will come in the next month or so? If not, I will just use my “alexa in the middle” integration until an update comes.

Where are the logs?

I don't know if they will ever come....

The logs are in the scripts folder. Look at smarthack-psk.log. It is easy to google and find the issue, and the thread on github for following the little progress that is made.
I gave up on the ones I have that are very hard to convert, I'm using IFTTT and for me the delays are sub second to a second to not bad at all.

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