Tasmota - Is Integration Possible with Default Firmware?

I am coming from ST. The Hubitat arrives later today, hopefully. If not, tomorrow.
I will mostly be using it for lights, motion sensors and smart plugs.
All my bulbs were already Tasmota but getting aHubitat Tasmota firmware on them has proved a problem. Maybe because It is a major version downgrade from the latest default Tasmota firmware. Two of the bulbs are now dead. The one I could open up easily and solder the connections, to try and fix, will not even go into programming mode. Though this could be a bad solder on my part. The contacts are very tiny.
So all my bulbs have now been replaced with LIFX. I will sell the old working ones along with the ST hub.
Getting a bathroom fixture is proving problematic. The only one I have found is a HUE one and costs in excess of £150 (too much for me).
I currently have a Lohas light fixture, with the default Tasmota firmware installed.


Is there anyway to get basic integration with Hubitat without having to flash the firmware again?
Even if it is just on/off (I have never used the colours or dimming features in any case)?

If not does anyone know of a similar bathroom light fixture that will work in the UK and with Hubitat?
Or any other suggestions to get my existing fixture working in Hubitat?

Cheers :slight_smile:

can you not get a modual (zigbee/z-wave) and have a normal light fixture?

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Thanks, this is a thought but there is an ugly big hole in the ceiling that the fixture covers (it was there already when I replaced the oringinal dumb fixture). Would be hard to repair (with filler) as the ceiling has a nice pattern in artex. I am in a short-term rental property so dont really want to spend too much money on repairing it. Definitely give it more consideration though if unable to come up with an alternative and could well be the only option.

Edit. Actually maybe I missed something. Is this something that would go in the celing with a similar sized dumb fixture?

Are you using Tasmota with an MQTT server? If so, this standalone device driver should likely work without requiring any changes. I don't have anything that would go directly (HTTP) though. Maybe someone else does.


I like this idea. Wish I had it before I had got rid of the other Tasmota lights. Not running an MQTT server, though I do have a Pi doing nothing. Just wondering if it is overkill for the one light?

I have been told that the Tasmota integration for Hubitat should work with the default Tasmota firmware but without any status updates, meaning only HE can control it if it is to remain in sync. The bathroom has no windows so the motion controller I will install in HE is the only way it will be turned on/off (there will be no Alexa involvement or physical switch used etc). If this works then I can keep the Light with no change to the firmware. Looking forward to getting this hub even more so now. Already removed the ST hub as going to set the HE up all in one go, hopefully :wink:

yea there are a few modules out there, most of mine are in the ceiling fixture as most need a neutral.

Cheers, I will probaly go with this solution if the Tasmota one does not work as I hope.

just make sure it supports toggle switch if in uk and you don't want to swap switches

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