Tasmota and Hubitat

In response to @garyjmilne ’s suggestion, I’d like to start a thread for those of us that utilize Tasmota with Hubitat. Hopefully, we can all share our experiences and suggestions on how to integrate our Tasmotized devices with HE.

I’ll start with a question regarding a particular wall switch/dimmer (the DS02 and SS02). I have several TreatLife single pole in-wall dimmers (DS02S) and switches (SS02S) successfully integrated with Hubitat using both Markus’ legacy Tasmota Device Manager app and @garyjmilne ’s new Tasmota device drivers. Recently, I have a couple of new case scenarios where I would like to use some three-way switches and dimmers. Since I have had rock solid performance with my Tasmotized single pole TreatLife devices, I would like to utilize TreatLife’s three-way dimmers and switches as they have been dependable and I like the look and feel of the switches and dimmers (just my personal preference and that of the wife, YMMV). Will @garyjmilne ’s drivers work with the three-way devices from TreatLife?
A side benefit of the TreatLife three-way devices is that they allow you to only replace the line switch/dimmer and still utilize the original “slave” switch/dimmer, thus saving some $$$ and a minor amount of labor.
Anyone have any experience with the DS02 and SS02 three-way in-wall switches. (I realize that I can use a zigbee or z-wave dimmer/switch but this is specifically about Tasmota devices). TIA for any advice and for any future discussions and exchanges of information.

Update on the TreatLife DS02 3-way dimmer. I should have looked into this a little more thoroughly but no harm done. Opened one up and found that it uses the WB3S chip which cannot be flashed with Tasmota.

While this chip can be relatively easily transplanted with a ESP-12 chip (ESP8266-12F) as a direct replacement (which can be Tasmotized), to me it is just not worth the hassle and expense (time and money) to acquire ESP-12’s then to transplant them, with the risk that the new chip is bad (some reviews report failure or DOA rate on “new” ESP8266’s at around 20%).

So for me, probably time to move on (I still do like my existing Tasmotized devices tho!). My understanding now (I should have done my homework but Amazon is just so easy, LOL) is that many manufacturers have moved to the WB3S since it handles BLE as well as Wifi, as well as providing a means to keep everything in their “closed garden” (i.e., to keep you from flashing with Tasmota, etc).

Might try some transplants just for kicks and the experience, but just not sure I want to hassle it at this time. In the meantime, will look into the Zigbee and Z-wave stuff as well as the Kasa Integration.

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If the three way switches are working and synchronizing state over the extra wire then my driver only needs to recognize it as a single pole switch. But sounds like it is a moot point given what you found out.

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