Tapo vs Kasa smart plugs: which to buy in the US?

I have a TP-Link Deco mesh router that has just received a firmware update to support matter. All my smart devices are z-wave and Zigbee. I don’t own any TP-Link home automation devices. I had been thinking about buying some Wifi smart plugs, preferably TP-Link branded (which can be controlled remotely from TP-Link Deco app) to be able to recycle power to Hubitat hub or other network equipment in case of emergency.

TP-Link does not explain the key differences between these two product lines. Which product line, Tapo or Kasa, should I buy?

I have Kasa bulbs & plugs, they work pretty much flawless. Never used Tapo, so can't comment. I'd imagine the Kasa line is probably discounted since they are moving to Tapo.
I use Netgear Orbi, but deco should be good , outside of Deco changing WiFi channels by itself and potentially wreaking Zigbee havoc.

I have written Hubitat Integration for both the Kasa and Tapo devices. Both brands are good devices work with the Built-In Kasa Integration (Kasa Devices) and the community Tapo integration. Pick TP-Link or Tapo.

This appears not true in the US and only partially true outside the US. Kasa is already selling New Matter Energy Monitor plugs, Switches, and Dimming Switches in the US (on Amazon). They have a roadmap to handle multi-plugs. For hubitat integration, you install these in the Kasa Phone app and then into Hubitat (Hubitat doesn't (as of this writting) support Matter devices directly.

See the below link for TP-LInk's current Matter Roadmap.

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Unless based on public statements from TP-Link, why assume that?

Many companies have different product lines for similar types of devices. Sometimes aimed at different market segments based on price, features, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback. I guess I should be more specific.

A different thread seemed to suggest that Tapo may use newer security standards and the Tapo api is being adopted for use in newer Kasa devices.

Does this mean that Tapo is superior technology to Kasa? Will Tapo devices have a longer, supported life than Kasa devices?

Both Tapo and Kasa will likely have a supported device of more than 5 years - given standard economic conditions - since they are still actively developing and delivering new products.

Kasa Legacy Devices. As far as security - although the Kasa devices have little in the way of security at the LAN level, they are still protected by the security embedded and implemented by you in your router (i.e., WPA2, AES encryption). For a plug/switch/light bulb that is fairly good.

Kasa Matter devices. These new devices utilize the same protocol as the Tapo devices - including security.

Tapo. Tapo does use secure login techniques as well as (during operation) message-by-message AES encryption. They are also VERY fast and work VERY well. The community implementation does not have the bells-and-whistles that the Kasa Integration has but it can be improved with improvement requests to the developer (me).

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Here's some info just published by TP-Link: Interested In Trying Your Kasa Devices in the Tapo App? - Smart Home Community

"What is the difference between Kasa and Tapo?

The key difference is that Tapo will cover more categories of smart home and IoT devices, such as Smart Hubs, sensors, smart thermostats, and advanced security cameras, as well as increased compatibility with third-party services and protocols such as Apple HomeKit and the Matter Protocol.

Kasa is expected to continue releasing and updating products for its four core product lines: Smart Switches, Cameras, Plugs, and Lighting; while Tapo will begin to expand into new product lines, such as sensors, door locks, vacuums, and hubs for its own low-energy protocol. "

This suggests to me that Tapo is the FUTURE but Kasa devices will hang around for awhile too.