Tapo h900

What to think about this:


Supports Wi-Fi, Sub-GHz, Bluetooth, Matter, Thread, and other protocols

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What were you wanting to use it for?

It looks pretty :grinning:

Seriously, I thaught Matter was suppose to render hubs obsolete. Now it looks likes everybody wants to make one.


But it isn't a hub! Only stupid and old-fashion people use those. This is a Matter coordinator, home base, or some crap like that.


What would be the treshold to cross for something to qualify as a hub or not?

If I was that prescient, I would have won the lotto last weekend. I think companies and people decide what they want to call things.

People have argued with me on Reddit that Home Assistant isn't a hub. In a sense, they are right, you can run HA on whatever computer you want. But when you are bringing all your devices into a central device that has smarts and can automate your devices, I consider that a hub.

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One more toy that I just have to not own. :wink:

More to add to that list.

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