TalentCell Mini UPS for Hub/Router/Cable Modem?

I'm considering getting this DC Mini-UPS for powering my HE hub, WiFi Router, and Cable Modem:


This UPS has four 12V/1A, one 9V/2A, and two 5V/2A output jacks. My concern is that the actual measured output for the 12V output can be as low as 10.5V. The power adapter for my cable modem is rated at 12V/!A output and the WiFi router I'm thinking of upgrading to needs 12V/4A of DC power. Will I have a problem using this mini-UPS if it is underpowered at 10.5V/1A for my router and modem?


I would worry about not having enough amperage here. The power supply going into this device is only 2 amp which means you can really only use 2 amps worth of power coming in at 12v. So you only have 24 watts to play with.

Something like this would be great for a bunch of 500mA devices. But not for a larger router.

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I had looked at that but I didn't think it would be enough so I did:

It's about 11x4.25x5.5

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The talentcell is great for the HE and maybe an RPi... but I agree with @Hasty1. The ups @tivomaniac pointed out has a great form factor.

This is good too...

Thanks for the suggestions on the AC powered UPS devices. I'm not an expert on UPS's, but my understanding is that there's a lot of power wasted when converting from the stored battery power of the UPS to AC 120V power, and then back down to 12V DC. I was thinking of this DC powered mini UPS to avoid that and possibly get longer uptime for my connected devices. Again, I haven't used UPS devices much in the past so I'm a bit naive in this area.

Thatโ€™s probably true but the more traditional UPSes above are rated to provide more power (wattage) than the Talentcell device is. If the battery canโ€™t meet the power needs of the device attached to it, then it will last 0 minutes on that battery.

Iโ€™m using another Talentcell mini-UPS for my cable modem (12V) and an RPi (USB/5V), works great but my overall power draw from those two devices is much lower than what you mentioned (specifically the router with 12V/4A power supply as @Hasty1 pointed out).

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