Taking over a RA2 select house

I took over a RA2 select house and I have taken over the unit with a new account. I am in the process of adding a Hubitat and as per my other installations, I want to add HomeKit; directly to the Lutron RA2 hub.

The problem that I am having is interesting. I can not add the hub to HomeKit because the old owner did and has not deleted his account (this is what I strongly suspect).

Has anyone run in to this and if so have they any solution?

Get the password changed or factory reset the bridge. Maybe Lutron support can help.

There is a possibly good reason to integrate to HomeKit via Hubitat/Homebridge. Lutron products, even full RadioRA 2 that has a defined 'on' level, all come on at 100% when using the native Lutron integration. When using Hubitat/Homebridge the 'on' comes on to the last level.

The crazy thing is this is after a factory reset. They also have some Ecobee thermostats and the same thing. This is a real issue if Apple does not allow to reset a HomeKit device.

I have asked the previous owner to delete the bridges and the home account but I do not think he knows how.

Keep this in mind if you are buying a used HomeKit device.

I can not believe my only option is to buy a new Lutron select hub and reinstall everything?

Try contacting Lutron. Email ssupport@lutron.com, phone at 1-844-588-7661

Their service level is very high and the will be able to help you figure it out. You won't have to buy a new repeater. You may have to re-program if you've reset the device.

I will give it a shot.