Take over alarm system devices?

Hi all,

I recently bought a new (to me) house that has an Aegis alarm system installed. It’s all working, but I don’t want to pay the subscription for the service. Think there might be a way for me to take over the existing devices (many of them - contact sensors, motions sensors, smoke alarms) with Hubitat? If so, any idea how I could figure out how the devices are compatible, etc?

Thanks in advance…

Hard to say from their website what actual equipment they use. Is there anything on the panel that indicates a brand of gear?

If any of the devices are wired, you could potentially use konnected.


Don't know if you know, but you can get a discount on your homeowners insurance if you use a monitored alarm system...for my case, the alarm system has to monitor both burglar and fire...my discount is 10%.

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If you are interested in the Ring Alarm system from Amazon, I believe they offer a component to connect the existing wired sensors (Went looking for it, but didn’t find however…). They do require a subscription for monitoring, but it is only around $100 USD per year and includes the ability to store videos if you have their cameras.

I have their system and integrated it with Hubitat using the unofficial community integration.

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Not everywhere. No more discount in my city, with my insurance. They give discounts for leak detectors, however!

Hi all, just got around to taking one of the devices down. It’s a Honeywell 5853 glass breakage detector. It’s wireless, but no mention of communication protocol. They mention connecting it to Honeywell control units. Any thoughts?

Looks to be a 345mhz device

Is hubitat able to speak that language?

No... You would need some sort of bridge for that and I'm not aware of one...

gotcha, thanks. i'll report back if i find something...

Are all the security devices in my home likely to operate at 345 MHz do you think?

EDIT: I found this device - think it would work for the purpose? IQ WIRELESS TRANSLATOR 345 – QOLSYS

Coming back to this now, I've found some interesting stuff out there on software-defined radio. Stick a USB radio into a raspberry pi, install a couple packages, and then the trick is getting that data over to hubitat. Any thoughts?