Tailscale VPN is crazily awesome and easy

Been on the fence about ditching my wireguard server for Tailscale for a while and finally I got it up and running. Ok it took like 5 mins.
For all the VPN noobs out there wanting a VPN server for remote access to your home network. I highly recommend this. I am using the free tier.
You will still need a Pi or Linux machine for a router node to access devices for HE/printer/media player but it's super easy to do. Tailscale.com

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I run Wireguard on my Ubiquity router, but any implementation of WG is a good idea by me. A completely excellent personal vpn.

I'm curious because I just got around to installing WG a couple of days ago. What makes Tailscale better? Does it have Tasker support so that I can switch VPNs when I leave and enter my LAN?

It's a service that uses Wireguard tech so you really haven't gotten away from WG as far as I can see. Also you are shifting from an always free to (potentially) paid subscription model so what's the value-add? Ease of setup? Edit: I can see that being very useful to some.

I do not mean to offend - am generally curious.. if there is something awesome I'm missing would be very interested to hear.

I am extremely wary of ANY service be it Google, Amazon or smaller providers like Tailscale that offer a "free" tier plan. It's not like they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts - they will have to monetize at some point (just like Flume did, switching over to a paid subscription after reaching a certain number of accounts/date) if they are not doing it already via data collection. Of course to be fair I have not read their terms of service...

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No offend taken. You are not missing anything since I know you are a tech geek and setting up Wireguard is not an issue.
Tailscale is for noobs where we don't have to open port or mess around with setups, update etc..
As far as I know they are more interest in businesses so who knows how long the free tier will last but I was using Tier zero ( competitor) before and it still have free tier now.


I spent hours trying to get a Wireguard server to work on my RV AT&T internet so I could access my Hubitat remotely, among other things. I couldn't get it to work on the OpenWRT-based router or with PiVPN. Looks like my AT&T data plan blocks it. I finally discovered Tailscale. 5 minutes and I was set. Even if I end up having to pay a little for a basic plan in the future, it'll be worth it. Most services like this rely on a well-functioning free tier as marketing for their business/team plans so hopefully it'll stay a viable solution for a long time.

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Wish i could figure it out. I've been looking at Tailscale for a few weeks and can't figure out how to set it up. I have an Asus RT-AX3000 router.

Have you just tried clicking on this button on their home screen? I don't think you need to figure anything out...just follow the setup process.


Yeah. That keeps setting up a conection to my phone, not my home network/ hubs.

You need to setup a subnet router.

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