TADO (connect) thermostatOeratingState always "heating"

Hello community,

I have a small problem with the integration of my smart heating system in the roam of hubitat and i hope, that someone can help me out.
I have got a water-based floor heating with a room based control. A few weeks ago I startet replacing my rool thermostats and everything was working as it should. My current problem arose when i wanted to replace my bathroom thermostat. Because of the size of the tado thermostat and the aragement of the current thermostat i couldn't just replace it and tap into the existing wirering for the heating-actuator. I wanted to work around the problem by not connecting the Tado Thermostat directly, but using it as a thermometer and control unit. By using the TADO connect app i wanted to poll the thermostat state (heating / idle) and use it to switch a zigbee switch connected to the heating-actuator. So this would, in theory, only be a remote switch turning on the actuator instead of the direct connection to the Tado-thermostat.

I installed and connected the drivers and the Tado connect App.
The Problem is, that the only time, the thermostatOperatingState is "idle" is, when the thermostat is turned completly off. If it is warmer than the setpoint, and therfore the relais is off (-> not heating), the thermostatOperatingState is "heating"

How can i get the state of the relais? Why is it showing "heating", when it is not heating?

I realy hope you can helpe me out,

best regards, Nicolas

I have a Tado as well.
Mine is the same as yours in that although the set temperature is below the temp of the room it shows heating when it is actually not requesting my boiler to heat my radiators.
This, for me, isn't a problem though. It would be the same if you used the Tado app. You will see that it is heating mode but is not actually doing anything. It is just the state of the system.

I believe what you are actually hoping to see is if Tado is not actually requesting the boiler to run you want to see it in a state of IDLE.
Personally I don't think this is going to be the case on any system.
Probably wrong though!!!!!

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Hey bobbles,

thanks for the answer. I hope i didn't missunderstood you :slight_smile:
What i want to know is is current state of the reais inside the thermostat. Normaly, to heat, the relais closes, supplying mains to the actuator that in turn is opening the valve of the floor heating and the system is -> heating. If the set teperature is reached and i want to stop heating, the relais is opening and the system is -> ideling. I cant physicaly connect the internal relais to the actuator, so I want to use an external, remote one (over hubitat and zigbee). It shouldn't be critical If you give me the information "system is heating" or "system is ideling/not heating" (think i misunderstood you here.Or did I mess up the inital post or is it unclear?).
In my mind: the thermostatMode can be off, auto, heat, cool .... the thermostatOperatingState should be on or off, here heating or ideling.

I'm not sure you an get that information. I've looked at my set up and I cannot see a way of getting the information you are after.

I just have a boiler that heats my radiators and hot water so my system is different to yours. If the temp is above the heating set point then the boiler does not fire up.

I actually have a Qubino z-wave temperature module with an external temperature probe that I use to measure the water temperature of my aquarium.
This does show what you are after but I must admit I do not know if it would be the same if I was using it to run my heating.



But it seems to work on your side, doesen't it?

The thermostatMode is heat and the thermostatOperatingState is idle (so the relais would be off), If you would raise the Setpoint, the system should start heating, setting the thermostatOperatingState to heating.
In my system, when the thermostaMode is heat, the thermostatOperationgState always is heating. only when the thermostateMode is off the thermostateOperatingState becomes idle.

The screenshot is from my Qubino temperature module NOT my Tado device.
My Tado shows the same as your screenshot.


to heat or not to heat is the one question a thermostat has to answer. And that is what the thermostatOperatinState should be, if i am not misstaken. Could that be a bug?

To be honest I do not know. :man_shrugging:
Probably just an anomaly of Tado.

The Tado API does not expose the Operating state as such, the json below is effectively all it shows as a return. the app itself seems to show a symbol to show if heat is being called, I have tried sniffing the traffic but i was never able to identify how the app is getting that status, so my code is static, that if heating is showing as on, i set the operating status to heating as the Tado api doesn't have this status

"setting": {
        "type": "HEATING",
        "power": "ON",
        "temperature": {
            "celsius": 15.00,
            "fahrenheit": 59.00

Thanks for the fast answer,

Dammit, that is realy hurting my plans. Any ideas? I am stuck

Looks like others have had similar issues and just used the temperature as a guide....

Hey sburke781,

I was thinking about that...polling the temperature, compairing it to the Setpoint and, with a hysteresis, switch the actuator. But I would loose the "smart benefits" of Tado, like heating in advance, when doing so, right?

I don't own anything on the tado platform, but I would suspect you are right, it won't be a true representation of when the unit is actually running.

Only other thing I could suggest, if you are really keen would be some kind of energy monitoring option, to try and detect when it is drawing power over a certain threshold