System Restart Rule

I'm interested to know if anyone else has a rule that fires when their hub is restarted?

I created this RM Rule when we went through a period of short to medium duration power cuts during which HE missed triggering a number of time-triggered rules.

I therefore created the following rule that gets triggered on Hub Restart, sets the correct Mode, and ensures that the correct devices are correctly powered on or off. I had to change some of my other RM rules to enable them to perform correctly when triggered by this rule rather than it's own trigger but this has been running without issue for a few months now. (Although the power cuts appear to have stopped now! :thinking:)

I have one, but all it does is notify me the the hub has started up. My hub lives on a UPS, so random reboots aren't a problem for me. I was periodically rebooting my hub if load got too high or the database grew too large, but one of the recent updates has made that unnecessary.

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