System Not Disarming When one of us comes home

Hi! Thanks for any help.

When we come home, seems like mostly at night, if not all the time, the system is not being disarmed, despite showing our presences. Here are settings.

Can't seem to see what's wrong, although I do admit some of the settings seem ambiguous to me.

You have HSM setup to disarm automatically when it becomes Day mode. So in evening and night nothing happens.

Thanks for your help. Clearly, I'm misunderstanding.

I don't want it to disarm due to day, evening or night modes. I only want it to arm when we both leave, and disarm when we come back home.

However, the "Disarm when mode becomes" makes little sense in my case. It seems to make me select something, so I selected Day. It feel like I should select nothing.

I'm sure I'm not understanding exactly how this works.

Don't select anything for "when mode becomes". It doesn't force you to make a selection there, so don't make one.

Thanks for the advice. How do I select nothing? I don't see that option.

Just unclick Night. The checkmark should toggle on and off when you click it.

Haha, thanks. Should have tried that.

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