System Event shows wrong FW


Just got a brand new shiny C-7 and the only thing I've done so far is to get it basically setup. I've updated to .129 and loaded a few apps (Mode Mgr, RM, etc) although none have been setup yet. So the events list is very small, sunset and sunrise events, as well as reboots. Where it's weird is that it shows that the hub rebooted twice with firmware .126 hours after a successful upgrade to .129. Also, the hub is correctly listing the FW at .129. A couple questions, did the hub actually reboot (which it shouldn't have, I'd be disappointed if it did) how can I find that out? Or is it an event log issue and how can I verify it's nothing serious?


I have a similar System Event, showing on my C-7 hub, after I had already upgraded it to Not sure what that is all about, as I did not reboot the hub at that time.

As a test, I rebooted the hub via the settings menu just now and the System Event shows the correct version number.

Yea, I didn't reboot either at that time, which makes it more odd. I did a couple of reboots during the initial setup to get my DHCP server configured, then upgraded to 129; that was it. I purposely did not really do anything with it yet to make sure before I migrate from ST that this hub is stable.

My gut thinks it's just a log glitch but I'd like confirmation from the group before I spend a few days moving devices. When I actually clicked on the log entry there is a Log ID. Assuming the IDs should be in order as well as the time/date then everything in the event log was in order except these 2. One 'reboot' was event ID 1 and the other was event ID 33. The first reboot after the update to 129 was ID 34, then the sunset and sunrise were higher than 34. So, per the event ID, all the logs would be in order, they're just not chronologically correct.

I bet the issue is caused by us changing the time zone of the hub during initial setup. That might explain it.

I'm sorta suspecting something along those lines, just wanted some confirmation of my suspicions. I just double checked all the log entries for sanity's sake and the entry IDs are in an order that makes sense. IDs 1 and 33 are the reboots to .126. ID 34 is the reboot after the upgrade to 129. Then all the rest of the IDs are 36 through 58 in the correct order.

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