System disarmed by itself issue?

Ok, this is the first time this happens. Exactly 37 minutes after my system was armed (following a rule according to a mode change which had been working flawlessly so far) my system disarmed all by itself. The system events simply say “system disarmed” and nothing else. Thankfully it happened before we went to bed instead of in the middle of the night. Anyone else experiencing this behavior? Thanks.

Did the mode change at the same time as the system disarmed? Check the past logs around the time that your system disarmed. I found a bug in the mode change app and never got around to writing Hubitat about it.

I had the evening mode set by the earlier of sunset+30 or 7:30PM. I had the mode change to night at 9PM. When sunset+30 was after 9PM then the mode would go back to evening and disarm (I had the alarm set to disarm in the evening mode). I ended up removing the sunset part of the mode change as a quick fix and never got around to reporting a bug.

Just double-checked the logs. No, the mode did not change (it remained in NIGHT mode, which is when the system arms itself). A bit unnerving not knowing the cause of this bug. The log only says HSM event disarm, but nothing was happening in my house, nobody touched any keypad or opened any door/window (not sure how that would make a difference but just confirming this could not have been done by accident because of someone touching the keypad).

What kind of rule do you use to disarm the system? Presence, time, switch, mode etc? If so then look at the log of those things.

I use mode changes (DAY=DISARM, NIGHT= ARM) which had been working without issues. They are set according to set times without any sunset sunrise parameters involved. The morning after the incident the system disarmed when the mode changed to DAY without issues. I just checked the events for the mode manager and it shows nothing unusual. The rule manager just shows the same information I pasted previously (HSMevent disarm).

You might want to keep an eye on this thread. Not sure if it's related but it seems so.

I will keep an eye on it, but my mode did not change when the system disarmed itself. The logs confirm this.

UPDATE: System continues to randomly disarm itself.

Although the system has not disarmed itself after entering NIGHT MODE and arming for 2 consecutive nights, I discovered it now attempts to disarm itself during DAY MODE even though the system is already disarmed. See the DISARM entries in the system log, 2 1/2 hours after the system was disarmed (I was at home when these entries happened and can confirm no activity took place and nobody interacted with the system at all):

Have you reached out to support on this yet?
@bobbyD might have some insight.

The two log entries you show for disarm and disarmed are a pair that go together. Question is where the disarm came from in the first place. I suggest you use Logs in addition to looking at the events. What are the things in your system that could disarm HSM? It would help if you would show your HSM configuration.

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My system just disarmed by itself again. You're right, the system event only shows the disarming, but there is nothing in the device events linked to the HSM mode that disarmed the system that shows any activity. Here's a screenshot of my HSM configuration for the mode that just disarmed itself:

UPDATE: I didn't you know you meant to check the logs in the upper left corner. I did, and found the key fob I had set up weeks ago and that never left the house is being randomly registered as present and absent, and this is what is deactivating the system. Thank you for your suggestion. I will now remove it from HSM to solve my issue.

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