Syncing Paddle Switch with Under Cabinet Lights

Just installed hubitat this afternoon and been awesome so far! For the life of me, i cant figure out how to get it so that when i turn on my kitchen lights, it turns on our under cabinet lights.
I was able to set a button to turn the under cabinet lights on/off, but can seem to get it to sync with the paddle switch that controls the recessed lights in the ceiling.
Anyone have any advice?

edit: paddle swtich is a GE Enbrighten, and LED strip is Sylvania Lightify

You could use Simple Automations or Basic Rules. The trigger would be Kitchen Lights. I didn't put a lot of thought into these, they are just examples of how you might approach this. First is Simple Automations, second is Basic Rule. If you want the complexity, you could even use Rule Machine, but for a simple requirement like you express above, either of the easier ones should work.

With that said, if these are both dimmers, and you want their levels to be in synch, you can use the built-in Mirror app. It also might work OK instead of these automations shown here.

I'm gonna give these a try. The paddle switch is just an older one that doesn't have any dimmer function, just on/off.
Maybe i was making it too complicated with using the rule machine....

As a general question, is it necessary to have 1 automation for turning a light on and another to turn off?

edit: yeah, i'm sticking to Simple Automations and Basic rules.....much easier.

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By the way, I forgot to say welcome to the Hubitat forums!

Yep, you want to save that for edge-use cases or complex automations. It is a very powerful app, but with that it is harder to use.

I suppose that depends... but generally you can do things in one "rule".

Some apps it is easy to keep things within one rule and others it might be easier to use separate rules. It may also depend upon how complex you are trying to be, whether you are using motion sensors, contact sensors, switches, or whatever.

And it also might depend upon if you want the same triggering device for both events, or whether you want to say use the Kitchen light to turn something on, and Dining Room light to turn something off.

Most of us here advocate doing things as simplistic as possible, even if it requires multiple rules. Some people get OCD about "it MUST all be in one rule", but building and troubleshooting complicated rules isn't always easy, or the best way to do things. Especially for people new to the platform.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I went through and realized that just about all of my automations could be done through Basic Rules, so i went through and nuked everything out of the Rule Machine and recreated it. Much more my speed.

I did use the Motion and Mode Lighting app to be able to turn on our patio string lights if our dogs need to go out after 9:00pm, previously i would have to use alexa to turn them on/off. I was able to add a cheap zigbee motion detector to the mix and set it up.
Look like it should work?

Looks good.

Be sure to ask more questions as you go, especially if you get stuck or have problems. Everyone on this forum is quite helpful.

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Well, most of them are. A few of us are suspect. :laughing:


What am i doing wrong here?
The paddle switch is "Kitchen Lights" and the under cabinet lights are, well Under Cabinet Lights.

when i turn the Kitchen Light paddle switch on, nothing happens with the under cabinet lights.

I have a button installed that i can manually turn the Under Cabinet Lights on/off, and that works

looking at my Event log for Kitchen Lights, i just was messing with it a few min ago, and it didn't register the on/off switching i did....the last event was from about 3hrs ago, but it looks like if i turn on/off from the web UI it shows up on the event.

Hmm, odd. It should be the same whether it is pressed physically or in the device settings page.

What driver (Device Type) in the Device Settings page is this using? Did it auto-select a driver, or did you change it at some point.

You also may want to post a screencap of your Zwave Details page here, there might be some clues in that page.

i dont remember picking any different driver, just whatever came up.

here's the deets (dont worry about the left side of the web UI, just the screen shot program doing that)

That switch lacks 0x5E cluster. In other words, that is not a Zwave Plus switch. It does not send its status to the hub by default. Some other hubs that have unlimited cloud resources polled these in the background, so you may have not noticed this with other hubs.

As I see it, you have a couple choices:

  • If at all possible, I would replace this switch and/or move it to a non-critical place (a basement or closet or something) where the lack of status wouldn't matter as much. Replacing this will cost a little bit, but the experience will be much better overall with a Zwave plus (500 series) or Zwave Plus V2 (700 series) device. Zooz are fairly inexpensive, and they have both the 500 and 700 series in stock. They often have sales of these via

  • Try the built-in Poller app. you install it from Apps tab, then select this switch. Over use of this can be detrimental to the hub's processing power, but polling a couple or even a few switches probably will be OK.

is this what is keeping the automation from working correctly?
I've had that switch for quite a long time, so i'm not suprised its not a z-wave plus, i was able to turn it on the under cabinet lights via the kitches paddle switch before on SmartThings.

Will the polling fix my problem, or is that something different?

If the switch doesn't send its status, then the automation will have nothing to trigger on. The switch isn't saying to the hub "hey, I am on(off) now!". When you control it via the hub, it is sending to the switch and automation, so even if the switch didn't respond the automation would.

Try the polling first. Smartthings did poll these by default, but they had the power of a server. Polling can work OK, but it is not the best solution.

Ok, i've got polling setup for Kitchen Lights. I'll see how it works.
Ive got some older stuff i've had for the last 5 years or so, i'll try to get no stuff moving forard, maybe if there's a great deal i'll swap them out.

I just had my patio light controller turn off on its own, it was supposed to turn on at sunset, which it did at 5:10pm, and then turn off at 8pm, it just randomly turned off about 10min ago, around 5:50pm. The outdoor zwave outlet is probably around the same generation at the Kitchen Light.....probably not zwave plus.
will polling also resolve this?
Edit: it isn't showing up as a switch or a dimmer on the polling app
here's the info on it.

Just closing the loop with this. I replaced the gen1 GE Enbrighten with a zooz Zen71 and it works great with turning on/off the under cabinet lights.

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