Synchronising two shades/blinds using Fibaro FGR-223

I'm using a couple of Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 modules (FGR-223) and the community driver:
Fibaro FGR-223 Roller Shutter 3 by Jonathan Michaelson (v0.04) via HPM.
to control two blinds, and they are working just fine individually.
I'd like to get the two blinds working together though - is there a simple way to slave them together? I don't seem to be able to read the switch states, which might have been one approach...
Also, what does the "Sync" button on the device page do....?

I have about 15 FGR-223 installed. My setup might be different but I have created created scenes for 3 specific levels and I use them through a dashboard trigger button or an automatic situations (day, night, etc..).
This might help if you are aiming for some specific levels.
If this does not work for you we might be able to find a different solution.

Oh - OK - scenes hadn't occurred to me as an option - I was looking initially to have the second blind move when the first one did, when manually activated (slaved to it, in effect, and controlled by the S1/S2 buttons of the first blind) but I think scenes might cover pretty much all the use cases I have in mind. I've given it a go, and the scenes work as expected, so as long as I can find a sensible way to activate them, I think I'm covered.