Sync Inovelli switch with a zigbee remote

I have several Inovelli switches installed in my home which replaces the switches which was connect to the bottom outlet plug but I made all plug hot all the time and use Zigbee bulbs in those lamps.

I setup all room zigbee bulbs to a group and use the Mirror app to connect it to the Red series Inovelli switch. it does work but I noticed if I wanted to add a second table remove switch to control the same group bulb then it goes out of sync with the mirror app.

Do I need to remove Mirror apps and set up a rule machine to keep it all in sync or something like this?

you can use the mirror app built in to hubitat..

I use it to sync across zigbee and z-wave

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Yes but I want it to sync with my ERIA Dimmer Switch however it not showing up in the Mirror as one of the device to choose from.

I wanted the Inovelli switch and ERIA both to stay in sync with all my zigbee bulbs in the room

is that possible?

Now I know why I couldn't control the dimmer on the Eria dimmer remote switch, it won't work on my group zigbee bulbs. It will work if I assign it to only one zigbee bulb but not the group bulbs.

Strangely, the mirror apps works with group bulb dimming it fine from the Inovelli wall switch but I can't seem to add Eria remove to the mirror app, it doesn't show up listed the source device something like that.

Is there a trick make this all work? I ask hoping to set up a Eria Remote switch as a 3-way dimmer siwtch along with Inovelli wall switch.

I’m not familiar with this

it's this product

:thinking: No idea about this one.. I’ll let someone else jump in

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I figured a better way to do this!!! ..

Instead of setting up the rule manager to control the group of zigbee bulbs. I set up the rule manager for the Eria Remote to control the inovelli wall dimmer switch so it always in sync with the led ramp on the switch itself too!

Seems to work out great!

Thanks for all of your feedbacks!

For others who want similar setup, I suggest trying this ,..

Set up a group of Zigbee bulbs in Group and Scenes under Apps

Mirror the Inovelli Dimmer wall switch to the the group zigbee bulbs with Mirror App

Set up Rule manager for Eria Dimmer remote to control the on/off/dim function of the Inovelli Dimmer wall switch

That's weird. I had 2 different Eria dimmers each controlling a separate group of Zigbee bulbs. I am sorry to hear that it's not working correctly.

EDIT: I just saw @bertabcd1234's post about this on the other thread so now I understand what your problem was. I didn't really use the Start Level Change and Stop Level Change so I didn't notice that issue.

Actually, I changed my mind and I am using the Eria dimmer as a 3-way switch/dimmer setup.

The bulbs are also controlled by the Inovelli wall dimmer switch where the dimmer works with group bulbs using the mirror app so instead of setting up Eria to control the group of bulbs, I set up Eria to control the Inovelli wall switch which in turn control the group of bulbs if you get what I am saying.