Symfonisk rules for Sonos in HE v2.3.4.114 is broken

Symfonisk volume control for sonos speakers worked well before upgrading to v2.3.4.114 from v2.3.3.***. I had three of these running using three different apps (Advanced Button Controller, Basic Rules, and Rule Machine) for each and all are having the same problem now.
The Button itself shows all activities like 1, 2 & 3 button numbers for push, release, doubletap, battery % etc, no problem there. When used for volume control for sonos speakers, nothing happens and nothing in logs. I have Rules Machine running actions based of triggers from contact sensors controlling sonos speakes that doesn't involve Symfonisk are working good.
I have tried, removing and adding the devices, deleting and recreating the rules in all three Apps, nothing works.
Any suggestions to get this working again is much appriciated. Cheers.

Do the "Set Level" and "Set Volume" (not sure what the difference is) buttons work on the Device page? If so, it's something in your rules.

I used a Pico with a Sonos speaker and Button Controller app and it works as intended.

I also tried the new Basic Button Controller app and there were issues with the volume changing multiple times per button push. The push sets the volume to the intended level (32 in my example), but there is a subsequent increase from the original level (in my example the starting point was 30, so the 2 button pushes went from (first) 30 to 32 to 35 and (second) 35 to 32 to 40).

Basic Button Controller example with 2 button pushes:

In the Sonos event logs there is a Volume Up event that is being triggered for some reason.

@bravenel is the Button Controller guy and @mike.maxwell is the Sonos guy.

Upgraded to v2.3.4.116, the volume control on Sonos speakers from Symfonisk button are still not functioning, Cheers.

The Basic Button Controller is now working correctly, so I do not have any issues with any apps controlling the level on my speakers.

You didn't say whether controlling the speaker volume from the Device page worked for you. This is the first step in diagnosing your issue. If the settings work from the Device page then the issue is in the app(s). If that is true, enable logging for the apps and then post pictures (not text) of the app setup and the app logs to this thread.

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Thanks @bill.d. I identified the vlans and port isolations where causing this problem. I don't know how it was working that way for almost 4 moths without problem. May be this will also solve the 2-3 weeks of battery draining problem.

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