Sylvania Smart RGBW and Inovelli Red Series

I have installed an inovelli red series switch to control my sylvania smart+ BR30 RGBW lights
I was able to set it up to turn the lights on and off, but trying to figure out how to be able to dim them from the inovelli switch? Tried working with the create button, but unable to get them them to dim, not sure if it is an issue with how the bulb itself is configured or how I am understanding the options on the switch. I would also like to be able to set the color from the inovelli. Even though I have had the hubitat for a while I am still a novice. I have been on WINK for years and am slowly migrating things over. Thanks

Assuming you have an Inovelli Red 2-1 or an Inovelli Red Dimmer, then I would recommend using the following app to do this:

Thank you. I was able to get it to work. For some reason I had to use double taps instead of using press and hold. I thought I had the right mapping for buttons but could not get the press and hold on up or down paddle to be recognized by the Hubitat. Now to try to get the leds on the Inovelli 2-1 red switch to match the light level. It would have been easier to use dumb bulbs. Oh Well

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If you get some Blue 2-1, you could use Zigbee binding to bind the switch to the bulb. This can automatically synchronizes the LED to match the brightness level. Both Zigbee devices must be natively connected to Hubitat for it to work correctly.

With the Red 2-1, it would also work, but with Z-Wave bulbs which are not as common…. I have some of the Inovelli Z-Wave bulbs and have done this.