Sylvania Smart+ / LEDVANCE Plug - Zigbee Traffic Excessive?

Have a Sylvania plug that seems far more chatty than anything else on the Zigbee mesh posting the following message 4-5 times every minuted. I have others that report similar but nothing like this one located 10' from the HE hub. This plug has no load plugged into it. Anyone else see this kind of traffic that frequently?

profileId:0x0, clusterId:0x13, sourceEndpoint:0, destinationEndpoint:0 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-51

I ask because of concerns about a distant device that might have it's communication "walked on" by this device at various points in the day.

Device is using the Generic Zigbee Outlet

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 01
  • firmwareMT: 1189-0025-00102101
  • manufacturer: LEDVANCE
  • model: PLUG
  • powerCluster: none
  • softwareBuild: 00102101

EDIT #1:
Oh, look what just popped up in the HE advisory bubble- "ZigBee network is offline"
Taking the plug out of the mesh but really don't have anything to go on here other than it "seeming" chatty. Wish there was something more to assist in pointing out real vs speculative problems in the mesh due to particular devices.

I have NEVER seen "ZigBee network is offline" prior to recent HE upgrades. So is this a new a capability to flag issues, or was it always there and my mesh or hub is just now having issues?

EDIT #2:
Can now report that the OTHER plug I have of the same type has now taken over this same chattiness so perhaps this was a routing role at play and the second plug some 30' away from the hub has taken over. Mind you there are other devices in range that are available to do repeating.
Msg 4-5 per minute:
profileId:0x0, clusterId:0x13, sourceEndpoint:0, destinationEndpoint:0 , groupId:0, lastHopLqi:255, lastHopRssi:-89

This message is usually sent when a device joins or re-joins the Zigbee network. Looks like something is causing the plugs to drop off the network.

Just as a data point; I have several of these. I joined them to the mesh a few years ago and haven’t had to do anything with them since. One turns on and off the garage workshop lights many times a day and had the same job on SmartThings.

Thanks for both of your replies.

First let me say that these plugs HAVE reliably done their job as you note.

If indeed that is a re-joining network "phone home" I'm wondering why JUST from these particular plugs. But I am noting that all of a sudden the second one of these plugs that I left in after unplugging the first, is NO LONGER repeating to everything it use to ....and an Ikea repeater that rarely use to pull traffic is showing up in the table as a hop for a number of other devices.

Could BOTH of these plugs be showing EOL symptoms or been affected by some HE upgrade?

So here's what the Zigbee log looked like just before turning on FLASHing on the outlet, note through all this time I could control the outlet without problem.

I didn't capture the Zigbee log during the flashing but when watching it the 0x144? flash was being sent with the frequency of the flash and only once in like 30 communications did the 0x13 come across.

I donno, This might be nothin-for-nothin here. @mike.maxwell Mike has anything changed in the system that might cause these Sylvania plugs to be problematic? OR could the addition of Sinope outlets have caused some Zigbee contention (which interestingly I can't control this morning).

It’s always been there, and sometimes it can even happen when an underlying issue unrelated to zigbee is causing the hub to be overtaxed.

But it sounds like you should continue looking further into possible zigbee mesh issues before looking for other causes.

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