Sylvania Smart+ A19 RGBW Bulb Pairing

Having issues pairing these bulbs.

When I turn it on it flashes Red, Green, Blue, White then stays on White, which I understand is pairing mode. The bulb is within six feet of the hub, I have reset it is as well, Still doesn't find the bulb.

The last advice here is from 2018, maybe there is a procedure folks have discovered in the interim, Is there something special you have to do to get it to connect?

@Pegasus I believe that's a ZLL based bulb which you don't want to pair to hubitat if you have other zigbee devices on anyway (sensors and whatnot) as ZLL bulbs make bad repeaters/messengers. They should be on their own mesh using either a hue bridge or another hubitat. The exceptions to this are using either Sengled bulbs (they do not repeat) or Zigbee 3.0 bulbs.

That said are you sure it's a zigbee bulb? Can you read the model number on it?

Can't see the number, but I did find something different... They sent a Bluetooth only model instead of the ZigBee model. It is now on the way back to them. Since they did not have the correct bulb, the whole thing just became moot. I ordered the next best priced option - a Sengled. I have two of these already.

I've been running a full gamut of Zigbee stuff without issues for a fairly long time (24 devices on channel 20). I guess I have just been lucky not to encounter the repeater issue you mention.

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I was just going to warn you. Sylvania no longer makes ANY Zigbee products. I had to put in a warranty claim about 2 weeks ago, and they told me they stopped making Zigbee and do not have any stock. They sent me 4 Wifi bulbs instead.

You can find them on Ebay, but be warned the A19 bulbs don't have great reliability. Out of 10 bulbs I've had 3 go bad and the others have been in place for 2+ years.
As far as Rick's advice above, these bulbs are fine on the Zigbee mesh and are ZHA not ZLL. I believe Rick is recalling some older bulbs that indeed were problematic, but Sylvania later changed the chipset & firmware on the bulbs.
I have about 17 Sylvania lights on my mesh and it runs fine.


Me too. They are all the recessed rgbws and work very well. Their A-19 bulbs would run so hot, it seemed like it probably contributed to their short lifespan.

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Thanks for the insight.

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