Sylvania Power Plug; Repeater or Not

I am reading in several places (not in the forum) that the 72922-A is not a repeater and the one that just reads 72922 is a repeater.
Can anyone confirm that either or both of these versions are or are not a repeater? thanks

Not certain but pretty sure the -A is. My system really came to life after I installed several of them. Buttons at the far end of the house now work well.

I am still not sure either. I just went to the Sylvania website and read the description for it and it didn't say anything about being a repeater either. But if it revved up you mesh then it may be.

It might just have got a little more interesting. On the sylvania website the description also states that the Smart+ plug has a part number without the -A. So you have a plug that reads 72922 and has just Lightify on the front, a 72922-A that has Smart+ on the front and on their site a 72922 that has the Smart+ on the front!!

What is everyone else using for a zigbee repeater. Light switches for now are out as well as outlets but anything else can be used. thanks

I think some Xiaomi users have verified that the A model repeats (just not well for Xiaomi devices; it would "work" better for them if they just didn't). Most powered Zigbee devices do, so the choice is yours. The only exceptions I'm aware of are the Hampton Bay/King of Fans canopy module and (some? all?) Sengled bulbs (but I'd avoid smart bulbs on the same network as other Zigbee devices due to problems the ones that do repeat tend to have with non-bulbs).

So...besides that, I guess, the choice is yours. :joy: Cheap options include the new Ikea Trรฅdfri outlet or USB repeater (the latter is cheap but a bit ugly; the latter actually costs a bit more in the US but is still pretty cheap, though it's reported to have a weak radio--but it's small and not too ugly). Peanut Plugs are also popular but I've never used one myself. But really, most Zigbee outlets should if you want something easy and possibly actually useful--otherwise there's a whole thread devoted to the Xbee.

If you're thinking of having xiaomi devices, go with Ikea Tradfri plugs(cheap but weaker signal compared to the below items) . If no xiaomi, ever, then the sylvania plug 72922-A IS a repeater(confirmed by my xbee scan & map). A good one at that.
The peanut plug is also a very very strong repeater, the best in my zigbee mesh, and it's only 14.99 at amazon, but again NOT for xiaomi devices
The absolute best zigbee repeater is an XBEE. Cost around 40 bucks with usb adapter. It's has no functionality outside of being a repeater & the ability to see your zigbee map.

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Thanks everyone. I have a couple of the 72292-A's and it is great to know they are definitely repeaters.

I also like the sound of those peanut devices. I may try a couple of those to see. I don't see the peanut in the list. Who makes it? What driver do you use?

I plan on using a second hub for zigbee. What does everyone put on a second hub to avoid these controversies?