Sylvania plugs $14.99, color bulb $19.99 clearance

Grab the lot. Sell them to everyone with Xiaomi devices dropping off. :wink:

I bought a non A version from Canadian Tire and Plugged, how do I know it repeated signal for xiaomi? Will it join my current Zigbee network automatically as a router in 24-36 hours?

You don't really know if it's repeating a certain device unless you follow this post about xbee everything. Everything Xbee

As far as this Sylvania plug. It's a repeater and your Hub will work out the mesh after you leave the hub off for more than 15 minutes. Once power up the hub your system will start healing the mesh. Whether your xiaomi devices using the plug for repeating is depending on what kind of mesh you have.

The non-A version of that plug has been shown with a network map by @gavincampbell to work as a repeater for Xiaomi devices. As @Navat604 pointed you to, more information is available in the Everything Xbee post.

@Navat604, @SmartHomePrimer

Thank you all for the info. Actually I have read Everything Xbee post already and am trying to order Xbee 3 to enhance my zigbee network and show a network map with XCTU software. I have downloaded XCTU software already but it needs a xbee device been connected to show the network map.

If you read that post, it says sylvania plug can route around 6 devices, while Xbee 3 could route 12-20 devices. Seems have to have xbee 3 to visualize my current zigbee network. Currently, I can see signal for my Xiaomi devices is around -60 dbm ~ -90 dbm . not sure with xbee3 /sylvania added in, how could improve...

a bit of a read but read through Xiaomi devices - are they pairing / staying connected for you?

Using this plug, I can see signal getting worse from zigbee logs, down from -71 ~ -75 dbm to -90 dbm.. :disappointed_relieved: Any idea how come?

I think looking at the dbm level is a little deceptive. I don't think it's measuring from the device to the Repeater but rather from the device to the hub. @patrick?

No, it's device to nearest repeater.

-90 dbm means very weak signal for zigbee.. Device may disconnected.. What's your guys suggestion, unplug the repeater ? Curious to know if xciu software shows singal on the mesh network map realtime..

Do you have Zigbee bulbs paired to the hub in the mix? They can be problematic. Not good repeaters. Sengled don’t repeat, so they would be fine.

@SmartHomePrimer I only have hue bulbs but all connected with Hue bridge, talking with HE by Hue Bridge Integration Apps. I have switched off the plug to see how signal value will be changed in the Zigbee logs.. Interesting thing is that device is not dropped so far even the worst signal strength is -92 dbm..

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Hue Bridge is no problem as long as it’s on a different channel, which I’m sure it is.

Hue Bridge Channel 11, HE channel 12. I have no concern about bulbs, I have some Xiaomi senors (motion, temperature/humidity, window/door) and one Hue Sensor connected with HE directly.. That's the part I am looking at..

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Oh, that’s awfully close. More channel separation would be better. Hue on 25 works well in my home. HE is on 13.

Leave HE channel alone. 12 is fine, but I think you would be better to have Hue on a higher channel.

I changed my hue channel to 25. why you think channel too close is not good? what do you expect if channel changed to 12 and 25?

Adjacent channels overlap slightly. If you have more separation there no chance that one can cause issues with the other.

It does...kinda...but I haven' found it to be particularly helpful. Xiaomi sensors do not show anything for me. This was when I was in the process of rebuilding my mesh after pairing two Xbees (top left, top right). Xiaomis are the bottom row.

Yikes! I’m going to need to learn to read that. My Xbee is on its way. Are those RSSI numbers in between them?

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I never really got too deep into Digi's manual. I just assumed they we LQI. I was more concerned about the relationships and trying to keep end devices from routing through smartbulbs(second row from top).

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