Sylvania outdoor lights

Now that I'm going to retire my Xiaomi temp/humidity sensors (in favor of my new Konke zigbee 3.0 ones that seem to be more standard compliant), I have an extra hubitat freed up hub again.

I've been thinking about buying some Sylvania outdoor zigbee lights to use as pathway lighting. I know that they have a history of being on the 'bad repeater' list, so thought I would segregate them to my newly freed up hub (they would be the only zigbee devices on it).

Any thoughts?


It can't hurt to segregate them.

I had three sets of the outdoor garden lights, all three failed after the second year. No fault of the electronics, I 'could' still control them. The wires don't hold up to Florida weather and yard maintenance. I had one that kept getting cut by weed whackers, moved it, leaving me with a walkway unlit. I had another along a fence line, a turtle kept digging under my fence to take a dip in my pool, chewing through the wires to do so, moved it, leaving the fence unlit. The last one was in an out of the way space that was sun exposed. The insulation rotted away in so many places I couldn't fix them all. No more Garden string lights for me. I'm using some clearance Sylvania spot lights and a Gledopto. I plan on buying more Gledopto if the price comes back down after the holidays. The price on Amazon doubled in October!

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The Gledapto were my 2nd choice... More expensive, and 120V per light = a little (but not a lot) harder for me to run power to.

They're only bad if you unplug them. These lights usually remain plugged in always, so it shouldn't create any mesh issues. I have the Gardenspots on my front walkway and love them. Currently using @bptworld's Lighting Effects on them for a Christmas display.

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Same. I ordered some and had them shipped to my parents house so I can pick them up later. Donโ€™t care about garden right now (frozen snow covered ground). With my Amazon visa perks, they were only $12 USD!

I just bought 2 of these and am amazed at how bright they are. I connected the second string to the first and now have a spare power supply, and zigbee repeater, but getting the whole unit was cheaper then buying 3 add-on strings. I paired it to my bulb only hub and everything seems fine.

My question really is how DIM can they be dimmed to? :slight_smile:

They dim down nicely, lower than you would want. Better than the Sylvania indoor bulbs do.

Perfect, thanks!!!

Agreed, they're extraordinarily bright. Which is great, but if you're lighting a walkway I'd recommend setting them back a couple feet, as they tend to send a focused beam directly upwards.

I just have them come on at 50%, but I am not really trying to light as much as decorate.

What driver do you guys use for your sylvania outdoor lights??

For each one I try the colors are all weird... Red comes out yellow, etc...

Edit: I take it back. Color sets fine with hue/saturation, just not with the color picker/setColor.

Iโ€™m using the generic RGB driver. Yes, it sure ainโ€™t perfect. Iโ€™m thinking about trying it on SmartThings. It would be the only thing physically on that hub.

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