Sylvania Osram Lightify bulbs - are they zigbee end-nodes or repeaters?

There are several threads on here about using and configuring the Sylvania (etc) branded zigbee lights to work with Hubitat, and there are several other threads discussing the problems with intermittently-powered zigbee bulbs causing problems with zigbee meshing.

Does anyone have experience with both? I'm considering adding a handful of CT zigbee bulbs, but we don't use them in a "smart way" -- they're just attached to the regular light switch. It's therefore important that the bulbs show up as end nodes rather than repeaters.

Typically I'd get Sengled because their bulbs are well configured in firmware to exist as zigbee end-nodes and not repeaters. I need some bulbs which are "can" style downlights, and I'd like to get the nice finish that comes with the integrated bezel as well, which Sengled doesn't offer.

Why would they need to be smart then? Splash of color at times?

I use Sengled BAR30 in traditional recesses cans. Not a fan of the "new look" seems cheep looking IMO

The Sylvania strips I have are on a sperate hub since I have heard bad things about them repeating poorly.


Do you mind sharing why you are paying a premium for smart bulbs and then using them like standard bulbs? Smart bulbs typically aren't designed to have power removed and restored on a regular basis. Also, when the switch is off they are dead to any mesh communication.


Sylvania/Osram Lightify bulbs are zigbee routers/repeaters. In your setup, don’t pair them to Hubitat.

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Thanks @aaiyar, I was afraid someone would say that. Saves me some time figuring it out on my own.

@TechMedX @danabw I have them configured to scale color temperature throughout the day automatically. We have some lights on smart devices, but honestly I just want the switch in the wall to turn on the light. As for the cost, I'm an extreme deal hunter. Most of my sengled bulbs were bought for ~$5-8 each. I buy in bulk, and I buy on clearance, and I buy on sale. They're still more expensive than a regular LED bulb, but the luxury of having CT change throughout the day is worth it.

You'll hate me for it, but for situations where I want other automations, I've been known to put a smart switch operating a smart bulb :scream: -- the smart switch handles the automation of "turning the light on" when the vacation mode is active, and the bulbs are smart enough to change their color temperature throughout the day.

When zigbee bulbs are appropriately configured as end nodes, it causes no problems to the mesh because this is what zigbee end nodes are expected to be: intermittent. Sengled does this right where no other manufacturers do, even Hue. I have a handful of always-on zigbee repeaters which form the mesh, and bulbs all jump on and off of it as needed.

The sengled spots are probably what I'll end up installing, even if they do leave a gaping crack in my ceiling for spiders to crawl through! :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:

Choices and options are good...while I'm sure @TechMedX hates you 1000 times over, I'm fine. :wink:

Finding our own happy place w/this stuff is the goal, after all. :smiley:


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