Sylvania motion sensors (centralite) on Sale!

Get them while you can you lucky dogs!

These sensors are great. I purchased one a few weeks back. I'm a huge Iris V2 fan but they don't make those anymore. This one I found to be just as quick.

The centralite are available for sale again. It’s unclear if their selling old inventory or manufacturing has started up again. If it has not started up again, then you can expect supply of the Sylvania sensors to dry up eventually too.

In short, if you need them or think you might in the near future, take advantage of the price.

Don’t count out the new Samsung motion sensors though. I believe they at a lower price right now and they are also very fast and reliable.

@SmartHomePrimer Which Samsung Motion Sensor are you referring to?

This one. They are on sale for less than the Sylvania or the Centralite. I have one. It’s very good. Nice magnet mount too.


How long does this sensor take to become inactive? My Iris and Sylvania is about 30 seconds after no motion

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Same with the Samsung ST sensors

about 30 secs? Awesome to know. I really hate purchasing anything that says STs on them but....

Don’t be a hater :wink: the sensors are good. Their cloud is their problem.

@SmartHomePrimer I have just purchased this motion sensor. I will test it out and report back. I like the magnetic mount they have...

I agree - the SmartThings sensors are some of the best.

Yep. They pair from a really far distance - instantly

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I'm Excited. I love when products work well with Hubitat.

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Yeah, it’s good stuff. Their new multi-sensors are also pretty sensitive to vibration. Some have had good success with them on washing machines and dryers.