Sylvania BR30 Ultra iQ Bulbs

I have a couple of Iris bulbs that I never did get to work with my previous Iris system. I have reset them and they blink when power is restored. The instructions seem to say they shouldn't blink? I am about 20 ft from the Hubitat hub and cannot connet them. Any ideas?

Sylvania Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb found here -Link to Instructions

To physically reset the Sylvania Ultra bulb:

  1. Start with the Sylvania bulb in the ON position
  2. Turn the bulb OFF and ON 8 times in a row
  • Pause for 1 second each time you turn the bulb ON or OFF
  1. After the eighth time OFF, turn ON the bulb and leave it ON
  2. Wait about 5 seconds
  3. The Sylvania bulb will flash if successfully reset

NOTE: If you repeat the reset steps, the Sylvania bulb will NOT flash again. A light bulb that has been successfully reset will not flash again after another reset.

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My guess is that there was / is a firmware update for them, but I don't know if they would pair with an OSRAM gateway and with Iris shut down, they might not be able to pair to hubitat.

I have one in a box . I have never try getting it to work with Hubitat but it was working with Smartthings so I would try it.

I eventually did get them to work, I just had to reset them and pair them within about 3 feet of the hub. It only worked because I asked for help.

I bought four of those on clearance two year ago ($10 each). They paired to ST and Hubitat as expected. They definitely blink when paired. I'm glad you got your working.

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