Switching virtual presence sensors?

I’ve spent a bunch of time digging around in the rule machine for virtual presence sensors and cannot find any way to manipulate them.

Am I missing something obvious?

Can you explain what you're trying to accomplish?

I’d like to be able to hook up a cloud endpoint to a virtual presence sensor without using the maker api, which has no bounds on what can be accomplished with my device token. Hopefully that makes sense...

I think so .. um no ... Just not enough information for me to offer any insight. But, there are virtual presence sensors available. I use one created with a driver that changes presence into a switch to use for alexa arrival. And there is a built in virtual presence.

Are you trying to monitor or change the virtual presence sensor? It should be easy enough to monitor if it changes. If you want to change the state of the virtual presence sensor the following will allow you to do that. Leave parameter type blank.

Sorry, I mean I have a virtual presence sensor but I can’t SET it with rule machine. I can read it without issue. Since it’s virtual I’d assume I would be able to manipulate it somehow.

@JNS that’s about as far as I got but the parameter type has me lost. Are you saying that you can leave it blank?

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Yes. Set it up exactly as I have it above and save it.

Create the following rule. Click 'run actions' and you will see the presence state change on the virtual device.


Perfect, thank you. The user interface of RM left me confused but I have it working now.


If you want to do this from somewhere else, you can also use the maker API to accomplish the same thing without a rule. Just add the device you want and the command will be "departed".

The problem with the maker api is that there’s no granularity. I can’t give out a token than controls one device... if you have the token you can see and control everything in my hubitat! That’s not a token I want to entrust to some third party.

Maybe I'm not understanding your use-case but I wouldn't give out links to control anything on my system to anyone. What if you should change something and then you have to update the link they are using again? That just isn't something that a "3rd party" like a maid or housekeepr is going to follow with a regular basis. Having something simple like a button would be useful.

The third party is a presence app on my phone, not a real life person.

And you don't trust the app on your phone? Then why would you have it on your phone?

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