Switching HDMI outputs?

Hey all, me again!

I'm sorting out my workbench at the moment and my soldering station on/off is now controlled by Alexa, which is awesome.

I'll be adding in the spotlight over the soldering station shortly, but I'd also like to be able to change the HDMI input going to the monitor above my workstation.

This is a "dumb" monitor and only has a single HDMI connection, so I'm looking for something like this that I can control with Hubitat.

Is there anything on the UK market out there?

I use an infra red controlled hdmi switcher (there are lots on amazon)

Then I use a Logitech Harmony hub with @ogiewon's excellent Hubitat driver

I can now say to Alexa 'turn on sky' and the hdmi switcher changes to the sky input



Ah, ok, I like that idea.

The main issue I've got is that I'm planning on mounting the switcher underneath the workbench, so getting an IR signal to it is going to be tricky.

I guess I could mount my own Arduino-based solution in front of it, and try and hack it that way, but that seems like a lot of effort :frowning:

There are quite a few product on Amazon that will 'transfer' the IR signal from a small 'eye' to the actual device

Something like this..


Hmmm, I'm wondering if I should just get one of these and use the existing drivers:


I could then print one of these holders and mount it under the desk so it's in front of the HDMI switcher...

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The Logitech hub has two extended reach IR repeaters on it. It's more expensive than the broad link but has full support. If you have other devices around that same area (TV, receiver, streamer, etc), it will control them as well which could be useful.

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Yeah, this is part of the problem - the only thing in the entire room that won't be connected via Z-wave/ZigBee/WiFi/Ethernet is this HDMI switch, so it's looking like it's going to cost me about £60 in parts just to press a switch automatically :frowning:

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I guess the alternative is that I upgrade the monitor from an old 24" to a new 32", but go for a TV instead and just use the WebOS driver to change the inputs...

Or better yet, this one, which is a better size for sitting close to!

Depending on what your displaying you might be able to get the HDMI "auto sensing switch" to do the switch for you. It works well with device that are turned on/off, and will not work well with "always on" devices unless they turn off the HDMI port when "sleeping".

I know this is a US version, but it is powered via HDMI, so might not matter, or you should be able to find a similar device for UK vendor.

Unfortunately the devices connected are a server and two raspberry pi's, so this isn't an option :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestion though

If you already have a raspberry pi, one of the things I’ve been looking at is a serial controlled hdmi switch (First one I found on amazon)

Iseebiz HDMI 2X1 MultiViewer, 1080P 2 in 1 Out HDMI Screen Splitter Seamless Switch with PIP Mode, Support Cascading with IR Remote RS232 for Gaming, IT Business, Video Meeting, Surveillance, etc. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078NM7S7N/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_mLALEbXDMGYVP

If you are a bit technical you should be able to use the maker api and a serial command to do the switching as well as poll state, which for me is more robust than ir

Heh, I'd not even thought of using Serial, this could be the winning entry... :smiley:

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