Switches, smart plugs and smart bulbs

hi everyone
Assuming a neutral wire is present, I am curious the types of setups people are running when it comes to smart bulbs, smart plugs and smart switches.
I have the following in the house (let us assume there is a neutral wire):

  1. regular non-dimming switches
  2. dimming switches
  3. solitary lights like lamps
  4. overhead lights that are recessed

Basically I am curious what distribution people have found to be successful and fruitful.

  1. I plan on using smart plugs as range extenders to get my kwickset smart lock to link to alexa.
  2. I plan on using smart plugs on items that it would make sense to turn off independent of main lighting (solitary lamps)
  3. I plan on using smart plugs just plugged in as extenders
  4. I think that smart bulbs can provide the same function as switches and smart plugs but may use bulbs in things like lamps
  5. smart bulbs in ceiling lighting that do not dim
  6. smart switches for ceiling lighting that do dim
    these will all run thru my hubitat or alexa depending on branding
    does this make sense?
    anyone have any thoughts on setups that have been successful.
    My plan is to first convert lights we frequently use that would help us with routines I can run for bedtime, etc.
    thank you in advance

Your best bet imo is:
Dimming switches in walls for overhead lighting.
Switches with lamps plugged into them.

Bulbs are only good to me for their color changing properties.

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cool, ty

You can also use smart bulbs in traditional fixtures (i.e., table-top lamps). Because of cost issues, I use switches for multiple bulbs on same circuit, outdoor lighting on interior switch, hard to reach bulbs with wall switch available. I use bulbs for single bulb applications such as table lamps.

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are their any reasonably priced smart switches that people like using with hubitat?

There are several listed on the compatible devices list:


These are generally in the US $30 to 50 range.

In addition, there are some with user developed integration that work well.

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