Switches not turning off

I have 3 switches I want to work as one. I have them mirrored, but when I turn switch 1 on or off the other 2 do not respond. From the dashboard they work as one, but not when switched physically. All 3 switches are Z-wave. 2 are GE switches the 3rd is a minoston.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Z-Wave Plus or "old fashioned" Z-Wave?

Old fashioned, I bought them back in 2015.


The old ones won't update their status when switched manually. That's why it works from the dashboard.

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So the only solution is to upgrade the switches?

I can't think of a good fix that will work for your use case. You can setup polling on the old Z-Wave devices (carefully to avoid flooding your hub) but I would think you want near instant response on the other switches when you switch one of them . . . it would be odd to have to sit and wait for the other ones to go on. Is it feasible to replace them with Z-Wave Plus switches?

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I will try the polling and see what happens, otherwise I’ll buy new switches.

Thanks for the help.

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I have the gen 2 ST hub and it worked fine on it.
I’ll look for some new switches.

Lutron Caseta!

I don't believe that was the case. SmartThings just polled on the Z-wave mesh (like Hubitat does), but wasn't configurable. The same load problem was possible on the mesh.

(how could the cloud poll your Z-wave switch?)


What are you using to control the lights? Simple automation rules, etc?

I've got a similar but very intermittent issue. I think I just found something, but need to test it out first. I was using simple automations, but "enable on/off optimization" was on. I just turned it off. Optimization looks at the current status of the switches you want to control, and if it thinks they are already off, it doesn't send an off command to them. Or if it thinks they are already on, it doesn't send the command to them.

With it off, it sends the on/off regardless of the state it thinks the device is in.


I have several associations in my basement lighting for the physical switching.

I was using mirror for all 3 switches.
I swapped them out for zwave plus switches and they work fine now.


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