Switch Toggling on and off in a loop

I seem to have developed an odd problem. After a 2 week absence from the home, I got back and I have one switch that continuously switches on and off. About once a second. It makes the auditory switching click/sound. And it just keeps going on a loop. (This is a GE smart switch).

Do I assume correctly that that switch is just physically busted? I guess just remove and replace it? Seems odd though, that it would break in such a fashion.


If you're concerned that the switch is being controlled to act this way by your hub, then check the Logs for signs of such activity. Doubt you'll find any there. Sounds like a unit failure, the best remedy for which is to remove/replace the unit and contact GE/Jasco Customer Support for a (free!) replacement. They are very good at honoring warranty claims of this sort, even (especially?) with older products.


Not worried about a security breach. Just strikes me as an odd way to fail. But it sure looks like a hardware failure.

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That’s how my GE switches failed. Eventually it will stop clicking and only the led will blink.

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Yes, that is correct. If left alone long enough, it just blinks.

This now seems to happen a lot. I have about one switch fail every other month or so. Which is starting to get very annoying. :frowning:


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