Switch Stop Logging Digital Events and Switch State Incorrect

Anyone else having strange issue of devices not logging digital events and the device not reflecting its true switch state? Again stress the word "digital" since I know physical event logging vary by manufacturer, device age, patents/royalities, etc. The problematic devices are GE smart outlets and GE on/off switches using the Generic Z-Wave Outlet and Generic Z-Wave Switch drivers.

At the moment I have three GE smart outlets that I can control via Simple Lighting, Rule Machine, and web browser commands on the device page but these digital events are never logged. I have had a few GE on/off switches do the same thing. Because of this issue my dashboards and other automation are failing since I don't know the true status of the device. Clicking refresh does nothing. Here is an example event log showing that a Smart Lighting rule turns on an outlet every day at 5 AM and off at 11 PM that powers a LED transformer for closet lights. This device is currently on yet there is no event log for this and the switch currently shows off:

Devices would occasionally drop off in SmartThings but in that situation the device couldn't be controlled at all so this situation is strange where automatons continue to work.

The only way to solve this is to exclude the device and re-pair it to Hubitat. One of the affected outlets has had this happen twice now. The device from the screenshot above has been working fine since February and just stopped reporting events over night.

This has been going on for weeks so: many reboots, many z-wave repairs, and several firmware updates have happened. I am hoping @mike.maxwell or other Hubitat staff can help me solve this issue.


@mike.maxwell any thoughts on the above issue? Was traveling last week and back home and would like to fix this.

Automations continue to work since with this driver an event is sent when the driver is commanded, if the device isn't actually turning on or off when sent a command from hubitat then obviously the device isnt receiving the command for some reason.
This driver is pretty much fire and forget since we have no control over if the device can report or not.
I do have one of these older ge switches, I can play around with and see if I can make a better driver for it.

Thanks for the explanation. What I find odd though is the events were showing on the event tab for months and then all of a sudden stop. Nothing changed with the switch so curious why all of a sudden this happens. Again the switch can still be controlled it’s just not logging it’s status thus messing up some automations.

I removed my comment because after re-reading the thread, I'm not certain it fits here. It fits with the last comment by ritchierich but perhaps not the rest of the post. I emailed support instead.

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