Switch off on its on, need to automate

HI, Had an incident the other day whereas one of my plug-in outlet switches (Leviton z-wave plug-in outlet), where i have my wifi master node is connected to, has turned off on its own. Have it setup so i can remote restart it if needed. The only thing in the log is this:

2024-02-01 01:26:37.324 AMinfoLinksys master outlet was turned off [digital]

So i have two questions, , one is anywhere else i can look to see what potentially has triggered it? And two, how can i best automate the cycle back to on, in the even this happens again, is it as easy as just creating a basic rule, to turn the switch back on when it detects off? Or maybe a better way?


Yes, the Events page for the device will show you both events (which should correspond to your log entry above, though they are technically separate) and commands (a relatively recent addition and what you'd really want to see to tell if an app on your hub told the device to do something). The doc I linked to explains the difference, but to summarize, you'd be looking for something like "command-off" right before your "off" event.

If you don't see that, it's possible the device did it on its own for some reason. I'm not familiar with your particular device, but reasons this could happen in general include:

  • an "auto off" setting on the device (e.g., a Z-Wave parameter to turn off after a certain amount of time on)
  • an overload (sometimes there is also a setting for this, but I wouldn't be surprised if some just do it when something exceeds its specs)
  • a dying/defective device

This seems like it would work, though maybe you'd want to add something like a notification so that if this keeps happening, you can be aware of it more easily.


The digital reference in the log would suggest it came from HE.... As opposed to physical

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Thanks Folks for your replies!
This is what i have in the events for it. There is no other events directly preceding it and there is no auto off, or any other off functions set on the switch itself. This is first time this has occured.
The switch is Leviton DZPA1-2BW
Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 10.51.21 AM

Can you show a screenshot of the preference settings?

Edit - the driver and any scheduled jobs at the bottom of the device details page may also be useful.

Also, do you have Amazon Alexa with “hunches” turned on? Alexa seems to think it’s fun to switch on or off devices at odd hours without telling you.

Here you go

Yeah it was on with default settings. Turned it off.

Do you have any rules, etc on other hubs in your mesh that may be controlling the switch?

Just those two there, Device activity check and device refresh. Neither of those are set to trigger an off function.

I'm certainly at a loss for what may be happening. If nothing else, it may be worth checking if there are any firmware updates, HE platform updates, and/ or try and use another outlet (if you have one) while you figure it out. Hopefully others will chime in with some more ideas.

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What else do you see on the page right before that? (WIthout clicking or tapping into the event.)

Right, which is why I first suggested checking "Events" for commands the hub may have sent.

But this information isn't always accurate for every device/driver combo. Not all devices report information, so sometimes it's an inference (a guess, if you will) on the part of the driver and worth looking into any possible cause regardless.

Given the lack of possible cause, one thing you could do is disable the device on the hub and see if the problem still happens. If it does, you've ruled out the hub. :smiley: Then you might be dealing with one of the other possibilities I mentioned above.


Thanks, i will see if there is firmware update. At this point it was just a single occurrence and ive setup a cycle on rule with notification, in case it happens again and i will post up if it will.

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Nothing. Not for hours before that even occurred. The preceding event was a refresh, but it was hours before.