Switch missing from selection list to refresh

I have a routine that causes many devices to be refreshed. This works great, but my Homeseer HS WS100+ switches do not appear in the list. The are defined as Generic ZW Central Scene Switches. I would appreciate including these in the selection group of devices. Thanks for all you fellows do.

What driver is this device using? If this device is Non Z-wave plus (z-wave regular) it should be included in the Z-wave poller app which means it's already being refreshed periodically and doesn't need the refresh command to be manually executed.

To expand on the above, the HS-WS100+ sends events on physical status changes (most/all newer switches do; some old ones, notably GE [but not their new ones] don't due to not paying to license a patent that has since expired). This means you don't need to refresh it to get its switch state. Is there a problem you're trying to solve?

I just checked....the 100+ is z-wave plus so you should never have to refresh the device to get the current status.

Devices that are known to not require polling and or a scheduled refresh do not include refresh as a capability, and therefore will not show up in these types of apps.
This was an intentional design decision to help prevent needless polling, which is expensive in terms of zwave bandwidth and hub utilization.

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Thanks for all the replies. I dont use the polling app as it seemed to issue too many polling requests. That's why I use a rule machine app that I can manually trigger to refresh certain devices. The Homeseer switches do report status and it works 98% of the time. Perhaps I can create a custom action which will cause a refresh on these switches when needed.

If the device doesn't have the capability you cannot create a custom action either. You would have to create a custom driver to get that command to work. But like Mike said, you shouldn't need that since this device is z-wave plus. You should probably look at your Z-wave mesh if you're occasionally getting dropped messages.

I did create a custom action. Selected actuator, front lights (hs sw), refresh. Seems to work fine. I'm happy.