Switch linked accounts

I need to switch the account my hub is linked to without doing a full factory reset. I no longer use the google account it is tied to. How would I go about that? @BobbyD

Hi there, follow these steps:

  1. Create a login account for your new email at:
    Hubitat Portal
  2. Log into the portal.hubitat.com with your old account
  3. Click on "My Hubs" on the left menu
  4. Click on the picture of your hub
  5. Add your new email to the hub
  6. Promote the new email as an "admin" by clicking the arrow next to the email
  7. Click Log Out on the left menu
  8. Log in with new email
  9. Click on "My Hubs" and then on the picture of your hub
  10. Remove the old email by clicking the following icon: