Switch Dashboard App v1.7? Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switch

Hi all. I’ve been using the Switch Dashboard app to control the notifications on my Inovelli red series dimmer switch. It’s been working perfectly however, I added another inovelli red series switch and I can’t get it to work. I add the new switch in the app but it doesn’t give me the same notifications as my other switch. All I’m looking for it to do is for the new switch to do exactly what the old switch does. I want the same notifications to show on each switch.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Make sure they are both using the same driver. There’s the Inovelli driver and now a default HE driver.

As always, it is best to post these type questions in the original thread. That ensures the developer can find your question, and keeps all relevant information in one place.

You probably should repost this in the original thread linked below, and delete this.

Open up an Issue on GitHub and I'll look at it.

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