Swap phone option

It would be nice if there was a swap phone option.. I just got a new phone as both tmobile (now) and at&t by feb. are disallowing phones that don't support volte (voice over lte) on their network. Unfortuantely that means only their own phones/versions as the frequencies are differnt and for instance tmobile phones will no longer work on att and vice versa.. I had a tmobile android as they allowed unlocking bootloader in android and consequently twp and root.

Anyway long story short ... my exiting phone probably had close to 100 notifications. To redo all those rules would have been a hug time drag and very annoying. So instead what you do is log out in the app, log back in, select to create a new phone device.

then open both devices old and new in a window. Edit the device network id on the newly created phone, copy it to the clipboard.. then change the last character in the id and save it.

Then goto you old phone device that has all your notifications.. edit the device network id there. Paste the newly created id.. Also change the name to whatever you need, Save the device..
Test a notification and it should work, and all your exiting notificaitions should work.

You can then delete the other newly created device at your leisure.

This is kinda complicated and it would be good if a menu command on the left was available somehow to implement this functionality (Swap phones) for you.,.

Or, you could just log into the Hubitat app on the new phone, and simply select the existing notification/presence device from your hub (instead of choosing to create a new device.) This will associate the hub device with your new phone. No need to change anything on the hub.


Has anyone tried this recently? I had an issue where I accidentally did this with my iPad (chose the iPhone as an exiting device instead of creating a new one--just overly happy tapping on my part), and then neither device actually received notifications afterwards. Nothing I could think of, including signing out and back in, helped, except deleting the app (to get rid of all settings--just doing that may have worked, too) and creating a new device like I really wanted to from the beginning. Haven't tested this again, so maybe it was just a fluke. I'll get around to testing this better sometime and actually reporting something if it doesn't work... :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I actually mostly a los this problem by using a "proxy" notification app and driver. Then, if this ever happens, I only have to swap out the "real" device in this app; the proxy gets used in all others. I really wrote this so I cool just use one device to send notifications to multiple real devices without needing to choose all of them in every app, but it would work just as well for thus particular situation too (going forward; not much to help right now). App and driver are on my Github, but I can share more of anyone's interested.

I haven’t tried recently, but the method @ogiewon describes has worked fine for me in the past.

If it no longer does, that would probably be something worth looking into, IMO.

@moncho1138 any thoughts?


It should work, selecting an existing device should carry on their notifications, if it doesn't it must be a bug, I do it often and it works for me, but there may be some conditions that prevent that ( a bug of course) will make more validations.

Thanks for bringing it up.