'Swap Apps Device' Swapping Too Much?

So I just got some new 2nd-gen First Alert ZCOMBO smoke/CO alarms to replace older 1st-gen models, and after pairing the new ones successfully, I used the 'Swap Apps Device' button to swap the old one with the new one in all my rules. That seemed successful, but I noticed that the device events swapped between the old and new (the new device had all of the old device's events, and vice-versa)...

That shouldn't happen, should it? I would think the events/logs are always tethered to the physical device that caused them...bug???


I expect it would be best to show both the Device Events page for both devices as well as the Logs page filtered to the App(s) you are interested in, with logging turned on for the Apps.


Old device's events (only shows back to when new device was added):


New device's events (showing all of the old device's stuff, well before this new device even existed):


One more - Old device's logs are actually the new device's logs (only go back to when new device was added):


...while the new device's log entries are empty (I didn't have debug logging enabled for the old device)

The events and logs post-swap appear to be saved to the correct devices; my point is that when they were swapped, that action also swapped the historical logs/events for those devices, and I don't think that should have happened...

Looking at your question again, I don't personally have an issue with this being the case... Beyond questioning if it is intended, if there a particular issue this is causing your setup?

Swap Apps leverages the fact that most apps reference devices by their device ID. These can be seen by looking at the URL:

This is device 903.

Swap apps just swaps the device ID from the old to the new. Everything for the old device is related to the new device.


Old - 903
New - 1502

after using the swap apps devices:

Old - 1502
New - 903

There's not much else that it does (probably for good reason). Pretty much everything under the hood related to a device is tracked by that ID.


No issue per se, but when someone is trying to troubleshoot an issue with their new device, and what they're looking at isn't actually from that device, it's from a different device...that just doesn't seem right to me.

It's a small issue, and I might be the only one scratching my head about it, but I thought i'd bring it up regardless.

That makes sense. So let's say I go into my new device, post-swap (903) and click on the 'events' tab, what I'm going to see is all of the events from the old device pre-swap, and all of the events of the new device post-swap, all munged together...that makes it pretty confusing on what I'm looking at...

Yeah, and I feel a little... "Am I really adding value" in questioning or interrogating the symptoms for what you are seeing....

My only justification for having the (at least) recent Events on the new Device would be including a recent History to what is essentially the same physical device. But it is a hard case to make, like you have mulled over already in your last response... Not the biggest issue in the world today...

I absolutely agree this is a very small issue - nothing that needs instant priority over other things going on...but an issue none the less, IMO :slight_smile:

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