Swap Apps Device - Remove Old Device?

I have just replaced an old ZWave device with a newer ZWave Plus device. The Swap Apps Device worked great! The old ZWave device is destined for the trash. But what do I do with the old device on my HE? Can I just do a Devices/Remove Device or might I end up with a ghost device doing that? Or do I need to do a ZWave Exclude on the old device?

If the old device no longer works and you therefore aren't able to properly exclude it, you will end up with a ghost (or at least a non-functional node, which Z-Wave is not known to be fond of, at least if it's a repeater like most switches, dimmers, plugs, etc. will be). If you are able to properly remove it, that's best: use the "Remove" option at the bottom of the device detail page. If you aren't, that's still part of what you'll need to do -- that's how you get it out of your Hubitat "Devices" list. But it won't work right away; you'll need to try, then wait about 20 seconds or so for it to pop up the "Force Remove" option.

That last thing is what has the potential to cause a problem -- removing the device from your list but leaving it in your Settings > Z-Wave Details table. To fix that, take a note of this table before you do the above. Find the device in this list, and take note of its "Node ID." Then, return to this table when you're done with the above and use "Remove" on the node here, finding the node again by ID (the name will be gone at this point, so you'll need the ID to match). If you don't see a "Remove" button, you should see "Refresh." Try that once or twice, and you should see "Remove" appear.

You could actually probably only do that last thing and take care of both at once -- it will -- but it's nice to start the "polite" way (and let the hub warn you if it's in use by an apps, which you'll likely want to address first -- probably not in your case since you presumably swapped the devices without configuring anything on the "new" one first).