Swap apps device invalid with some devices

Trying to replace my junk bond fan controller with the new inovelli blue series but facing nothing but headaches. Everything has to be changed by hand, including extensive rule machine rules.

Why is Swap apps device not an option with some devices?

Child devices (of other devices or apps) are not supported by this tool by design:

If a particular app is one you find too much to do manually, keep in mind that cloning an app will offer options for device replacement (so you can do that then delete the original).


Ahh I didn't realize the limitations with child devices.

The biggest pain of swapping is a handful of rule machine conditional rules. Just basically have to rebuild them from scratch.

But I didn't think about cloning. I might make a hub backup tomorrow and try that.

Basically the rule uses the up and down buttons on a pico remote to bump fan speed up/down depending on current speed and button presses. (Just saying that in case someone has a better way :smiley:)

When I setup my fans I used the Switch Bindings app to link them to a virtual device (custom driver). All rules point to the virtual device. Also allowed me to customize some things on the virtual device so it shared with Homekit better. This way if I ever had to do something drastic with the Bond integration I could just change the binding device and everything is fixed.

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I now have all my rules on one hub and most of my devices on other hubs. With hub mesh, switching devices from one to another becomes super easy! I have done multiple switches and have had zero issue, except when they had child devices… then it won’t work correctly…

Cloning the RM rules was the ticket!