Sustained Motion & Motion Sensor Cool-Down Periods

I have a THIRDREALITY Zigbee Motion Sensor which has a built-in cool down period where once it detects motion it won't report motion again until 30 seconds later.

I'm trying to create a rule that is only triggered if there is sustained motion detected (more than just walking by it once briefly).

Right now I have a trigger that activates if motion is active and stays active for 35 seconds (thinking it will carry me over the 30 second cool down period). However, all that seems to happen now is there is a 30 second delay for the action if motion was detected only once.

Any suggestions on how I should tweak the trigger?

If it only detects motion once and then reports motion inactive before the 35 seconds is up it should NOT trigger your rule.

Turn on all the logging for the rule. Turn on logging for the device. Post a screenshot of the rule and a screenshot of the logs showing the case where it is not working as expected.

Yeah, I didn't expect it to trigger either, but it does. Here's the screenshots: imgur dot com/a/h9zddbj

It took 40 seconds for the device to report motion was inactive.

Meanwhile, the rule triggered at the 35 second mark

Since the device has a 30 delay of reporting no motion, if there is only 10 seconds of motion, it will take 40 seconds for the inactive to report from the initial active report.

Thank you so much! It seems like it adds 30 seconds to the amount of action that's detected. So 5 seconds of activity translates to 35 seconds.

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